News: ... OIL
* Ali G in the news ... the show is sweet!
* Kerry and McCain, on Kerry ... and Kerry is filing a FEC complaint ... remember when I said that adding -gate was old and busted, well now we have ADGATE
* Phelps skipping last race, but will still get the medal (more than likely)
* Shrine taken ... Al-Sadr slips away ... OR, maybe it is still ongoing.
* Oil to stay above $40 forever? ... track its going price HERE
* Kerry, although against the plan now, has endorsed the type of troop withdrawals that Bush is proposing now
* Military records seem to support Kerry's 'Nam claims ... so perhaps we can NOW drop the whole damn issue? .. oh, and ignore the horrendous spin & bias while remembering that he served a whole, whopping 4 months.

* New SBVFT ad
* A judge made a good call - P2P networks are LEGAL
* The D&D Experience
* Bad cubicle neighbors?
* Wrongfully convicted man freed after 40 years ... if you look up the definition of 'this sucks', here it is.
* Houses getting too big?
* Sedna may have a moon ... the darkest object in the solar system
* Viral Ads getting some push back?
* RAM as Swap?

stupidMM: heh i admitted that freely at the pub once
stupidMM: this chick came up to me and was like
stupidMM: "so what do you do for fun?"
stupidMM: and i was like
stupidMM: "sit in a dark room and chat on irc at 3 in the morning"
stupidMM: she turned around and walked off
stupidMM: and i was like . heh man i'm leet

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