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***Bush has asked all '527' groups (including the SBVFT) to stop running "attack ads" ... now let's see if Kerry does likewise (to MoveOn :P ... doubtful - MO has been doing it actively for the last 18+ months and has nothing else to do with their time) ... and the announcement is well timed - Kerry just started a fairly expensive ad campaign today imploring Bush to do just this ... Kerry says "bye-bye $$$".
* GOP to split CIA? (and to rip out the NSA, etc) ... and some other comments on that. ... Tenet agrees that this is bad ... amusing sidenote - White House not involved and not pre-informed of this action!
*** To me - this is the ABSOLUTE wrong approach. When you consider that almost all of the terrorist involved in 9/11 SHOULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED AT THE BORDER if CURRENT laws/procedures had been PROPERLY followed. We are in the situation, again, of creating new problems instead of just solving the existing ones. We SHOULD simply enforce & improve upon the existing countermeasures. Also, we should NOT have one unified source of information - the current setup provides independence and "outside verification". All we SHOULD do is increase the level of inter-agency communication; which DOES NOT include creating a new level of bureaucracy and breaking the existing system. Oh yeah, and if this does happen - does Eddie still have a job and what will his employer's name be??
* 9/11 Commission - National IDs?
* Shrine-fight still ongoing ... Helicopters, Planes and tanks moving in ... more here ... STILL GOING ON, battle rages ... and captured journalist released ALIVE ...Overview of the situation, and what al-Sadr really wants ... UPDATE: US Troops nearing shrine - tanks 250 yards away and snipers on rooftops, all US fire is return-fire only (no offensive actions) ...
* Pope condemns human cloning
* Both sides missing/omitting info
* Serial hammer killer? ... this is why gun control will (and does) fail - any tool can be a weapon, it is in how someone wields it that matters.
* Jackson case comes to pivotal point?

* The 50 most influential Christians in America ... GWB is #1.
* Some truth on Stem Cells ... embryonic stem cells NOT proven and DO KILL, non-embryonic stem cells ARE proven and DO NOT KILL ... things any well-informed, non-baby-killer already knows. (This does not include little Ron Reagan nor Howard Stern) ... also, a few abortion facts for good measure.
* The truth about Kerry's 'popularity' in Europe
* Exploding Star ... pretty pic
* 10 patents that changed the world
* North Korean ... a nightmare that is closer than we think?
* You can get an artificial Cornea ... just 4 days ago I heard you can also get a new retina
* Critical review of 'Iraqi Sovereignty' ... also criticizes Kerry as being viable, but not being an alternative ("same policies as GWB")
* Truth is the first victim of politics ... overall, leans very left but the point is valid (just look past the bias)
* Earth almost hit by asteroid (last March, new details out recently)
* Google slammed by SEC and independent advisor ... rates last on S&P500!
* Some (negative) thoughts on the world's oil supply ... running out or not, 'transparency' is the only way to know.
* Mis-Matched hearts OK for infants?! ... could save hundreds of infants per year. AND IT APPEARS TO LESSEN (eliminate?) THE NORMAL INTOLERANCE FOR BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS!
* Comet impact remnants at Jupiter
* New cancer drug (asbestos-specific)
* Synaesthetic Experiences
* Big-Ass Antarctic craters
* 4 door Wrangler coming in 2006!
* Pat Buchanan - No Conservative Party left in DC
* Are MoveOn.org and Kerry in collusion ... the 'equal and opposite' charge to what Kerry says SBVFT and Bush are doing ... Dole vs. Kerry ... Kerry's war record starting to drag him down? (Like there aren't so many other reasons to keep him from getting elected?)
* More reviews and contradictions to F911 ... let Moore's lie parade continue.
* IBM beating up SCO some more ... couldn't happen to a nicer (ahem) target. Except, maybe the RIAA :P
* Paris burns down Jewish Community Center ... gotta love France!

*TRUE The Peeping Tom worm ... uses your webcam against you :).
*TRUE Software Disasters!
* Drug or Transformer
* Did Kerry perform gay wedding of SwiftBoat?
* National Angst Level raised
* Barney Franks (homo) admits to Heterosexual Affair, resigns
* VC say Kerry lies
*COOL Convert any jpg to ASCII ... well, any 400x400 or smaller jpg.
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PS - Give Blood, everyone should. In fact, do it every 56 days.
(Or give platelets - "Apheresis". Takes longer, but you can do it more frequently and, hey, you get to watch a movie too!)

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