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* Closing in on the Shrine ... UPDATE: ULTIMATUM ISSUED by Iraq's Defense Minister ... UPDATE: Attack option moving forward as Iraqi forces enter combat zone for the first time ... UPDATE: al-Sadr aide claims to be ready/willing to negotiate (again?) ... ... and I am including this just because it mentions al-Sadr's days being numbered and pro-USA sentiment amongst Iraqi civilians ... a militia (NOT US) rocket hit part of the shrine?. I know some may disagree, but it would seem to me the answer is simple - you announce quite loudly, in a language they understand, whatever structure they are hiding in (AND SHOOTING FROM) will be a target. Whether that be a hospital, a school, or the holiest site in the land. Make it clear that the blame is on THEM for endangering the structure and any lives within/near it. IMHO - Once negotiations break down (as they have, repeatedly)THAT IS THE ONLY WAY to proceed. /rant
* Kerry calls SBVFT supporter(s?) to apologize and question ... desperate move, or honest apology? You be the judge ... but the recipient didn't seem to buy it. Also, SBVFT reject Bushes request to cease ads ... AND, A preemptive counter-attack to the surely-soon-to-be-raised 'issues' regarding Arceneaux. Sidenote, Kerry's own words ... and the truth shall set you free.
* High blood pressure up in the US ... to much McDonalds :)
* ... some thoughts on Conservatism
* Reporter successfully smuggles fake bomb aboard a plane
* Woman falls 11k+ feet and survives ... how many d6's is that?? :P
* Another example of state governments ignoring the law ... just to be PC?
* Oil below $46 ... still not good, but better than just under $50! UPDATE: OIL down to $45! ... Iraq pumping close to 2Mbpd!
* McCain and Rudy out, Arnold In ... Major News coverage of RNC ... guess we will need to stick with 'real networks' like FOX-NEWS, CNN, etc. to get decent coverage :)
*Earthquake @ Athens ... 4.5, "nothing out of the ordinary"
* US CoC to fund ads against trial lawyers .. interesting timing, given the current Democratic Presidential Candidates :)
* Alice Cooper says rock stars campaigning for Kerry are guilty of Treason! ... hahahahhhaahhaaaaa
* 'Price Gouging' is good ... supply & demand in effect!
* Kerry on energy independence .. and why he is just a bit off, even one of his own energy advisers agrees it is 'asinine'. :)

* Another Dem supports Bush!
* Firefighters for ... Bush, Kerry ...
* Another $1B for Unmanned Combat Aircraft ... sweet; all those years playing Flight/Combat Sims might pay off ...
* Forget who was were 30 years ago ... but you don't need to overlook how many times someone's story has changed ... and how many times he has been CAUGHT LYING. Funny how much truth comes out when you are under a real spotlight, such as when running for the Presidency.
* Transparent Aluminum! ... Step 2: time travel + Klingon spaceships ... Step 3: Steal Whales (no profit)
* Pakistan comes through for the good guys ... and some comments on how this came to be.
* Judge permits a whole raft of evidence against Jacko ... including a tape with a terrified child's voice on it ... and, did you know his nose is NOT plastic - it is, however, made from his ear. Freak.
* USPS to use SAP ... eieio
* Cisco buys again
* FDA vs Illinois
* Non-smoker Lung Cancer a result of gene mutation ... smokers still lead the (cough) pack; speaking of which - Cigarettes more polluting than diesel exhaust
* Charter schools - where teachers actually need to perform to succeed ... and that may be why they go away. Well, that and the teachers' unions. Sad.
* Universe aglow with early star creation
* Looking for life on Mars - in methane?
* One helluva penny - $400k+ worth
* A bunch of people are peeved about the Gymnastic scoring @ Athens
* Genetically Altered 'marathon mouse' ... the cure for obesity! (well, aside from eat healthier and get off your butt)
* Why isn't Java cool ... I like the first comment, "because it's slow" :).
* Anti-Spam FireWall ... let's see how long it takes Spammers to get around this :).
* A self-cooling can ... sign my beer up!
*A GPS for your PETS!
* Watch cameras blow up ... but CF card survives, with images

*TRUE The coalition of anti-IE users
* Defining Kerry
* The Scream has been found ... in dorm room
* Swift Yacht Veterans unveil campaign - Kerry is a 'jolly good fellow' ... "Kerry cares about the little people, even Negroes" ... "alone … at sea … for three months … and there was … surprisingly little … homosexual activity"
* What would really happen to Mario
* Courtney Love not worth making fun of
* moving vs. not moving, from the baby's perspective ... Homer "Hey, how come I have to breathe for myself when heeee doesn't?" Simpson would agree
* Bush's Medals ... the Fearless Ninja medal (the name anyway, not the actual medal) = sweet!

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