News: ... OIL!
* Canadian legislator calls Americans idiots ... then tries to back-pedal ... damn Canadian bastards :>
* Flu outbreak coming?
* Internet to end tomorrow? ... hype? More comments here
* Terrorism NOT at fault in 2 downed Russian planes .. or, atleast probably not. Maybe.
* Oil still moving in the right direction ... UPDATE: Drops below $44!
* Najaf shrine standoff still ongoing ... time to level it? UPDATE:Maybe not, if anyone can help (from the Iraqi perspective, it is Grand Ayatollah Sistani, and he is back in town ...
* E-Voting coming to a California near you
*FollowUp The Florida XBOX slaying-victims were tortured first

* 20GB USB HDD ... no power cables needed!
* Al Franken blathers on, shows why he is a failing host on a failing show on a failing network
* Although stocks are up today, are there bad signs for job recovery? ... businesses just not spending, and that could be bad news indeed, for all of us.
* Unused muscles 'deactivate' ... that may not be too surprising, but what's really interesting is the next step - the muscles in this example support your spine, so by loafing around you are contributing to back trouble.
* Long-Ass article on lots of Moore lies ... they never stop!
* Breast Feeding etiquette
* Sodas cause Diabetes ... and obesity
* lesbian cannot be forced to pay child-support ... an example of how they are different, if I got her pregnant I'd be paying big time (and Becky would NOT approve!)
* Wanna live in Antarctica?
* Super Earth discovered .. the size of Jupiter!
* Tiny telescopes find distant planet
* Israel wins first-ever Olympic Gold ... in windsurfing!
* Polio outbreak! .. in Africa
* Meet Billionaire George Soros ... rich, philanthropic, very Anti-Bush. Even smart people can be wrong :P
* The 1TB Holographic Disc! .. yes, that is a T.
* Meet the M16's replacement - H&K's XM8
* Self healing fuel tanks! ... "shooting particles at stuff to see what happens is a long established scientific principle"

*TRUE Track the Olympic LOSERS
* Scope of work - Stuff that is technically possible ... from our friends at UF.
* Don't let Wally choose!

PS - Kerry can say what he wants about forgetting the past and focusing on the issues, but let's not forget that HE is the one that spent his entire party's Nat'l Convention talking about the past and INTENTIONALLY avoiding any issues. Oh yeah, and he questioned Bush' military record LONG before Bush questioned his ... "Mom, he started it". AND Kerry has the balls to, while saying we should forget about the issue, sending Vets to Bush's ranch to pester him.
*Cool Stereoscopic Animated Hypercube ... reminds me of SodaConstructor

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