* 8 oil pipelines bombed .. but Oil still slips below $43/barrel! ... 20 oil pipelines hit, according to this source
* US report acknowledges greenhouse gases ... major policy change!
* Anarchists gathering in NYC ... violence expected :(
* Van full of guns and explosives found in Montreal ... organized crime
* RIAA sues another 700+ ... when will someone put them in there place?
* Illegal immigrants cost US $10B/year+ ... its like an additional tax on all of us! ... speaking of which, progressive and regressive taxes explained
* Future terrorist attacks to be seaborne?
* Kerry calling for Rumsfield's resignation ... way of avoiding issues? YBTJ. PS - he yet again tries to play the "I served in Vietnam" card meaning a) he has nothing else to say and b) he really does not want this non-issue to go away. Some Democrats agree that Kerry needs to 'get past this (non)issue ... especially since it is hurting Kerry's poll #'s ... HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
*... Bush is hitting up the FEC to regulate the 527's ... what makes his action different than Kerry's is that Bush is going after ALL 527's, Kerry just the one that is against him. That whole Goose-Gander thing again.
* Najaf still ongoing ... al-Sistani still pushing for peace ... sadly mortar strike kills 25 people ... and the Governor has declared a 24 hour truce ... another delay, or a good move toward a peaceful end? Sistani actually arrives - proposes peace plan, and hopes to extend it to other troubled areas. (It includes amnesty for the al-Sadr militia) ... We'll see! ... UPDATE: al-Sistani has brokered peace agreement ... for now ...
* Chaotic homes hamper child development ... didn't we already know this?
* Apocalypse Not - No eJihad (yet :P) ... "baseless hysteria"
* Blair impeachment launched ... baseless and misguided publicity stunt ... also, first impeachment effort in 150 years.
* GOP bumbles email
* IOC gets dumb ... asks us no to exercise free speech in our own country.
* Jobs count too low .. better than we think?
* Understanding Income Inequality
... Quote - 'In one sense, John Edwards is correct: There is one America that works a lot and pays a lot in taxes, and there is another America that works less and pays little. However, the reality is the opposite of what Edwards suggests. It is the higher-income families who work a lot and pay nearly all the taxes. Raising taxes even higher on hard-working families would be unfair and, by reducing future investments, would reduce economic growth, harming all Americans in the long run.'
* ... then again more Americans slipped into poverty .. not a lot of details to back this up :(
* The worst example (Partial Birth Abortions) of a bad category (abortions in general) ... "The law is aimed at stopping a procedure, usually performed during the second trimester of pregnancy, in which a fetus is partly delivered, its skull punctured and its brain removed, often by suction." HOW can anyone read that description and not want to stop this??
* These fish are not so healthy for you ... polluted water blamed. Increase due to better monitoring, not decreasing water quality.
* Housing bubble ... not a pop, but ripples forming

* Both sides misleading about Yucca Mtn project ... Yucca Mtn project = GOOD! (even though it is ATLEAST 8 years until it will be operative, and by then we may have found ways to cut the half life of the waste!) ... MORE HERE ... and a stray comment on Kerry flip-flopping to pander to Las Vegas residents. It really cannot be overstated, regardless of your opinion on nuclear power - we need a place to safely store the Nuclear Waste we already have (and that we continue to produce) for the long term, and Yucca is about as good as it gets!
* Excellent article on how the 1st amendment is probably the real victim of the current 527 debacle ... also calls Kerry a dove, and comments on how he is asking us to ignore his 20 years of service as a senator and focus on his 4 months as a serviceman.
* Kerry ='Sue Them' When you can't fight an idea, or a person on the merit of their ideas, sue them. That's the American Way, right?? By the way, did you know that Kerry's campaign uses the same lawyer as 'America Coming Together', an 'independent' 527 ... another example of Kerry's goose not living up to the same levels he want Bush's gander to meet. Ain't politics *FUN*. His lawsuit makes as much sens as this one! :)
*Related Note: This article points out that Kerry challenged his critics to 'bring it on', and then sues them when they do! EXCELLENT POINT! ... UPDATE:Kerry pulls ad that featured McCain (unauthorized use), AND Bush's response to Kerry's request for debates - ""There will be a time for debates after the convention, and during the next few weeks, John Kerry should take the time to finish the debates with himself." ... HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
* Swarm-based weapons of the future ... FARK:"Australian scientists develop robotic insect swarms; obviously haven't watched enough sci-fi horror stories" :P
* Ann Coulter: Admitted War Criminal Cries Foul ... I know she is a bit extreme in some of her views and comments, but damn she is fun to read!
* Max Cleland; Soldier, Patriot.....Hypocrite ... Yes, we admire and are thankful for his service to this great country, but there are no free passes! ... UPDATE: Max Cleland makes $136k/year as a BUSH appointee ... can you say 'conflict of interest' or 'amoral', yes I thought you could.
* The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy preventing protests? ... not really, just protecting a RECENT HUGE investment in re-sodding the park. The protest can go right in front of the convention, but apparently that is not good enough.
* New & Improved Semiconductors - SiC ... also mentioned HERE.
* Shell moving forward with North Sea exploration ... $1.8B!
* Kerry's campaign flip-flops again - now says they would NOT have invaded Iraq
* New ver of XWindows from X.org
* Killer bees as far north as OK
* Honda making hybrid-engine motorcycle ...
* 10 Nobel Prize winning economists endorse Kerry ... sidenote, Kerry="I wasn't taking care of myself" ... right, I was busy FILMING myself not taking care of myself :P. The whole 'Nam thing should be dropped anyway, but he is keeping in the spotlight (while complaining about it being in the spotlight. Does that count as a flip-flop/waffle?)
* After Jersey Girl flop, Kevin Smith to not direct the film he is writing now
* A reverse dictionary - sweet!
* I agree - we should stop adding to the SPR when the price is more than, say, $40 ... we SHOULD NOT draw from it, just stop adding until market uneasiness settles down and price drops.
* Believe-It-or-Not Economics
* How NY has benefited from GWB, and how NY will suffer under Kerry
* Now YOU can bet on the nature of the universe
*Didn't know if this should be classified FUNNY or INTERESTING Some asshat says NASA is to blame for bad weather ... this is a case of terrible science with no supporting evidence, proposing flawed 'corrections' and insufficient test/verification methods.

*TRUE Lawsuit against JibJab baseless, um, the copyright expired a while back ... irrelevant since they already settled, but still funny!
* New shiny fish? ... with hooks? Admiral Akbar would say something.
* Paris Hilton wants the attention to focus on her instead of on the SBVFT
* Kerry trying to out-bulge Gore
* How the undecided 5% will continue to not decide
* Protesters plotting to speak!
* Top 11 reasons to move out of the basement ... strangely, getting laid not listed.
* Name Generator Generator
* Everyone should have a DVD rewinder!
* Hackers Steal Revenge of the Sith
* The GAY gene found ... hiding behind MARRIED-WITH-KIDS gene
* Moore next movie - F1812 - to tie King George III and James Madison
* SBVFT: Kerry had tea with Ho Chi Min
*NICE Porn-ogami

simon-say: CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his 6th Tour De France title.
simon-say: In a random check for banned substances, three were found in Armstrong's hotel room.
simon-say: The substances banned by the French that were found in his hotel room were as follows: (1) Toothpaste, (2) Deodorant, (3) Soap
simon-say: The French officials also found several other items which they had never seen before, including a testicle and a backbone...
simon-say: Earlier reports that French Government officials attempted to surrender to Armstrong as he entered Paris were apparently erroneous
... http://www.bash.org/?386538

From Drudge: ... Fox News dominating the race ...
WEDS, AUG 25, 2004


Paul: So anyway, i hit him over the head with a shovel
Paul: and now he's all "Lawsuit" this and "Jail time" that
... http://www.bash.org/?386207

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