News: ... 20?s ... IRAQ
* FBI : SPY within the Pentagon? ... more details here
* Retirees to strain US economy? ... duh; the advice is to KEEP WORKING! More comments here
* Bush acknowledges miscalculation on post-Saddam Iraq ... and (AGAIN) says Kerry served his country ...
* (Atleast) One of the downed Russian planes WAS the work of terrorists! ... my guess is the other one was as well ... more coverage here and groups already 'taking credit' for them
* Najaf:Peace? ... al-Sadr calls on his militia to lay down there weapons ... now we get to see if he still has control over 'his people' ... UPDATE: Sistani now has the keys to the shrine ...UPDATE: Weapons are being turned over! ... UPDATE: Iraqi police forces are IN ... UPDATE:Fight Over, 'Ali Shrine once again a place of worship' ... UPDATE: Could this deal spell trouble for us? ... What about the bodies found in the shrine?
* Oil going back up a bit ... thanks to pipeline sabotage ... and prices to rise during the holidays ... UPDATE:Oil Prices slip back down
* Speaking of planes - Cheney had a close call ... " Air Force Two was forced to make an evasive maneuver to avoid another aircraft"
* Bush pulling ahead? .. and this is pre-convention! ... about Kerry:"I still don't really feel like he's come up with any definite plan for what he would do and how he would change things"
* US Intel reforms drafts in progress! FWIW - I still oppose the idea of creating the NID.
* Yemeni man on trial for terrorist related acts - 1) drop lawyers, defend self 2) declare your al-Qaeda membership ... should make the trial go a lot easier for the prosecution!
* Hurricane Frances growing fast ... luckily, still a ways out there.
* The ONLY way to protest ... if you're attractive, that is, ... NUDE!
* Some on Wall St growing cool on Bush ... like Kerry will do anything but royally screw them over? ... "This is New York," Mayor Michael Bloomberg joked later. "Of course we have ... naked people on Eighth Avenue."
* Pinochet no longer immune ... EXCELLENT, try (and fry?) the bastard!
* US GDP slowing down ah, crap. Atleast it 'met expectations' ...
* Hamm asked to return Gold Medal ... doubtful, for several GOOD reasons! Oh yeah, and NO MEDAL FOR IRAQI SOCCER TEAM HAHAHAH

* Police should not, generally, threaten to kill the President
* Kerry vs Himself /... Regarding Vietnam, in 1971 he said "We wish that a merciful God could wipe away our own memories of that service" ... if that is so, why does he KEEP BRINGING IT UP!? Oh yeah, because he has nothing else to say :).
*Also: more factual problems for Kerry HERE and HERE ... and I still wish it would all stop (it probably will during/after RNC).
* COOL picture of the sun
* Flu shot not as effective as thought?
* Comparison - Kerry & Hoover ... "If Kerry’s theme of personal integrity is more than a slogan, he will face up to the strength of our economy and develop an honest economic agenda". In other new, Kerry has raised more $$$ than any other Democrat ever .. hopefully it is all wasted on losing an election :P. Actually, it makes sense - Kerry will spend more money than any Democrat ever has trying to get elected, and if elected he will continue that plan and spend more money than any president ever has. Sweet (not).
* Some thoughts on the Global Terrorist Count
* Is Minnesota becoming more conservative? ... let's hope so! ... "A number of years of having the Democrats control a state can turn a state Republican" HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
* Buy a new car, get a used one free ... interesting promotion
* Some thoughts on Troop re-deployments
* GOP wrong on recent Immigration draft?
* More on superconducting wires
* Introducing the Hamster Powered Night Lite! ... and a low-RPM alternator
* The Ultimate Cubicle
* The list of banned or challenged books in the US ... think of it as a must-read list :)
* Arrow misses ...
* Media should challenge Kerry to answer these 20?s
* Let's talk about the right war for once
* Flying cars still a goal ... but not to be available for 20+ years, but reasonable 'small plane' transport much sooner
* Dual layer 8.5GB DVDs coming soon to your PC?
* Interesting read - political prisoners INSIDE the US? ... note that i know nothing about the author aside from what is in the article; it may well be that he actually should stay in jail!

*TRUE DOS kills Martian Rover? ... almost!
* Ted Kennedy Reprimands William Kennedy Smith for Ineptitude in Leaving Rape Victim Alive
*NICE Cards that say what you mean, but are afraid to say ... "I'm gay and you hate yourself"
* Americans now being targeted by negative ads
* Modified Olympic sports?
* Kerry receives 4th Purple Heart for his recent emotional wounds ... They are as serious as some of his "real battle wounds"!
* More on superconducting wires
* The two sides of John Kerry ... when he isn't saving, like, 3000 people he is a lying maniac :)
*TRUE Convicted Cop Killer endorses Kerry ... CKFK, has a nice (ahem) ring to it, eh?

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Abby: you kiss your mother with that mouth?
nether: no, i kiss yours

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