News: ... OIL
*RNC hits NYC (note the Dems that are voting Red this year!)! Big party, lots of protesters. w00t!
* Bush on Terror ... and McCain on Bush
* Clinton speaks out (against Bush, duh), while left-wing nut jobs continue the ad hominem attacks ... proving the old saying, if you can't refute the statements just attack the person making them :).
* Consumer Spending UP ... that's good, BTW.
* Iraq pipeline hit AGAIN
* (Dark) Chocolate is good for your Heart! ... obesity still bad. Speaking of obesity, this drug makes (?) you lose 10% of your body weight
* Democratic Senate Minority Leader Daschle trying to court Conservative voters? ... let's hope this FAILS!
* Taleban threatens more hostilities ... let's keep the pressure on them!
* Intel to shrink transistors by 30%?? ... more power to Moore (Gordon, not Michael!) ... More here - it is 65nm process technology! ... Intel stock still down :(
* Oil @ $42- ... ... getting closer, get it back down to $35 and I'll be MUCH happier!

* Prepare to hear massive amounts of double-standards in the media this week ... expect FOX's ratings to go EVEN HIGHER as people seek less partisan reporting.
* Kerry's daughters BOOed at MTV! ... HAHAHAH, Vote Bush - his daughters are throwing parties!
* Human brain produces its own anti-psychotic drug?
* Some thoughts on Heart Disease
* So far, France not bowing down to terrorists ... the controversial head-scarf ban stays in effect.
* This mouse has a fricking laser!
* Some thoughts on why the RNC chose NYC ... and on the decline of the Democratic party in general.
* Genesis returning with payload
* When your AIDS test comes back positive, get a retest!
* Lube makes your HARD drive LONGER and FASTER ... well, it helps drives of the future so they are able to go faster. get all picky why-don't-you.
* Wild winter this year ...as FARK says, here is the pseudo-science!
* Mrs Kim Jong Il dead? ... did the 'smite' request miss her husband on accident?
* NYC vs NRA
* Bloomberg's pro-tax actions contrary to GOP's anti-tax stance?
* A different approach to a convention ... difference on how Kerry did it and how Bush is doing it.
* Peace is the key to cheaper oil
* Democrats make a wrong turn in selecting Kerry? ... and Kerry's mistakes since being chosen ...
* Personal Cluster Workstations? ... nice! (but expensive)
* E-Voting ... maybe not, which is hurting Diebold
* Some thoughts on Sudan's ongoing civil war
* The 'Official' RNC Drinking game ... actually, what is funny is you drink whenever a basic Conservative principle is trashed.
* Historical tie between unemployment and reelection
* Red vs Blue ... stocks ... nowhere near as fun as redvsblue.com ... but might be more profitable (and riskier)

* Kerry launches an attack at SBVFT ... by physically choking him
* Target changes name for security reasons
* Terrorist group named "'MTV" attacked Miami! ... Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge called the attacks "fatally innovative".
* OverClocked, SuperCooled ... and hovering?
* You don't need to win Gold to take Gold home
* Couple separates over pronunciation of Tomato
* Big videos of firestorm-tornadoes ... nice!

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