The quick Sunday edition :)News:
* France is negotiating with terrorists ... not to be flippant, but it probably involves the words "We Surrender". The REAL problem is that the Terrorist hate all 'western civilizations', not just the US ... we get most of the hate because we have most of the power (military, economic, etc) but they hate us all.
* Cisco Telnet vuln ... not good
* Potential Hurricane (Tropical Storm Gaston) hits SC ... and Frances to hit FLA?
* The internet is 35 ... and still growing, changing, maturing ... (all thanks fro Al Gore, right? :) )

* Can GOP win by losing? ... I'd Rather not find out! (Although I have discussed this exact situation/result previously (Hi Rob)).
* Contrary to popular opinion, PEACE is breaking out all over the place
* What if the whole world got to Vote for the President? ... anon-scientific, non-accurate attempt - but still interesting.
* Thoughts on immigration ... old article, still worth reading
* Some peoples' feedback regarding taxes
* How Kerry can win ... let's hope he doesn't read this, or that it doesn't work!
* Cali church to pay $1.5B ... yes, that's a B.
* From a leftie source, gay Republicans may not support Bush .. no pun intended. Hopefully, they can see the larger picture and still vote with the issues.

* Good Old-Fashioned MUDding ... text-based and everything

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