Late (for real this time) News:
* CBS still says Docs are real ... and here is why ... and some comments on the differences bloggers appear to have made ... and (funny)how the US Constitution is a fake!
* The expert ambush, and how to fight it
* Just tripped across this, write-up regarding Vince Fosters murder (not suicide)
* This man thinks he can drop a hurricane down a category or three .. interesting, but seems a bit far-fetched.
* On a lighter side, Zen stories to tell your friends

Late (relatively speaking) News:
* Muslim group apologizes on behalf of all peaceful Muslims ... "What will it take for Muslims to realize that there is a large evil movement that is turning what was a peaceful religion into a cult?"
* Iran to have first Nuke next year
* Exploding letters
* Ivan on the way ... current track = hit Florida early Monday AM, covering most of mainland Florida by 8am Tuesday.
* Al-Sadr taking Iraqi's as hostage, many still support him ... they just don't get it.
* Bush oh Kerry's Iraq (currently proposed) policy ... and Packaging the Bush Doctrine
* DNC sent 'action alert' email based on the faulty Killian Document ... the irrelevant controversy continues
* Assault Weapons Ban : the fact is that letting the law expire will probably just show the uselessness of gun-control regulations ... meanwhile Kerry says it was good for America ... and Kerry uses the phrase "heavens to Betsy". Not my President, please.
* Some comments on our financial market ... mostly on how bass-akwards the NYSE is, compared to NASDAQ and many other markets.
* Sudan - is it about the oil? ... hopefully the noble goal of stopping genocide is our guiding light.
* Oil down below $43!
* Genesis Probe: Some material survived!
* Vaccines and Autism - No Link
* A good sign our border security is better - the smugglers are getting pissed
* Do you excel or crack under pressure? Wanna know why ...

* The US, WWIV (yes - 4)and how to win ... and I don't mean WWIV the old-school BBS SW ...
* International Space Station ... no oxygen for you ... FARK's comment - "All oxygen generators on international space station have failed. Manufacturing company out of business and lead engineer is dead. But NASA is not alarmed"
* The US is the first, the only, nation to take a stand against Genocide ...
* Ivan, current Cat4, to take Jamaica this afternoon
* CBS now re-examine their documentation as well ... they'd better, 'cuz everyone else is (see yesterdays entry :) ) ... More info here ... basically, it looks like Kerry's campaign knowingly passed forged documents to CBS, who then (knowingly?) aired forged documents. Nice Play, Johnny Boy .. I can smell the desperation. Some left-wing chatter about Karl Rove having masterminded the whole thing (which would be even funnier - that Camps Kerry and CBS didn't bother to do the legwork before airing false documents provided by 'the enemy'!) ... Ya Gotta Love Politics! ... PowerLineBlog comments here ... Cool Clippy Pic (on this topic) below! ... UPDATE:CBS Claims docs are authentic ... Drudge:RATHER DIGS IN: THE DOCUMENTS ARE AUTHENTIC ... HAHAHHA
* Pyongyang going nuclear ... I think we should help them with their need for fissile material. Um, but it should be going super-critical when we deliver it.
* US Airways to file for Bankruptcy
* Chicago to be very watched over ... big network of cameras
* The Jesus Robot? ... well, no - but it can walk on water!
* Pete Coors running for Senate in Colorado on an Anti-Pork Spending platform ... they bottle Killian's, so they've got to be good!
* This is why you shouldn't go to marriage counseling ... you get shot. OK, so this wasn't a real counselor nor a counseling session, but I stand by my statement :).
* F9/11 very popular in Iran ... I wonder why?
* Eisner leaving Disney ... Don & Mike looking for new bit
* Is Osama dead ... does the rifle 'mean something'
* US to Oracle - Yes, you can have PeopleSoft
* EDS cutting 20k employees in the next 2 years ... OUCH!
* E-Coli found in BA food ... ewwww.
* Computers make you sick ... recommends we all take breaks! First round on me!
* Men suffer from PMS? ... no blood though.

* 6 figure jobs ... I wish mine was!
* 8 hour Notebook Batteries!? ... my current one lasts about 15 minutes, so that is a HELL of an increase! In 2010 I will be all kinds of mobile.
* How to save the Internet - add another layer ... PlanetLab?
* Some fruits that prevent Leukemia
* Co-Extinction ... global count of endangered species WAY low? ... but if we pave the earth and grow Blind White Cave Cows we will be juuuuust fine.
* Your car doesn't need Premium gas ... they don't talk about the impact of changing after using one grade for a long time; your engine can develop a 'preference' (due to carbon buildup, etc.) for one type of gas if you have been using it for a long time. FWIW - I also recommend you use a can of BG44k; available at any good dealership or really good service station (full service only - your local AutoZone won't have it).
* Enterprising 15 year old ... one more identity thief going down. Hopefully.
* Turing's paper on Computing Machinery and Intelligence
* I wish I could get an 89% raise
* New ring and moon(s) for Saturn!
* Cisco - still scooping up other companies ... gets a Network Monitoring Co, that they can resell services from ... 'managed services' ...
* Escher PS contest (non-FARK)
* Stuck in the 80's? Wish your old NES controller could be a joystick? Your prayers are answered!
* How does a cop know if his taser works? By trying it out on another cop ... sweet.
* Linux coming to a desktop near you?
* Skype launches PocketPC SW ... PDA+WLAN+VoIP=Winner! (no cel phones required, just HotSpots EVERYWHERE :) ) ... now add in GPS, BlueTooth, VPN, SpeakerPhone, Camera ... and maybe a coffee maker.

* FOXNEWS: Bush has won the election! ... hopefully true, in a few weeks anyway.
* Kerry's decision making powers revealed
* Write (AND HEAR!) your very own Bush speech! !!FUNNY!! (check out some of the saved speeches ... not so good, but funny nonetheless)
* Nader concerned election may not be close enough for him to wreck
* Ivan's real 'storm track'
*TRUE: Cooking for Engineers - Tiramisu
*TRUE: Predictive Fast Food ... the size of your butt has pre-authorized a Biggie Size and a Frosty, fatso. (Well, not quite that far yet ... )
* Beer Belly Bonanza

PS - 3 MyDoom Variants have come out today'ish ... make sure you are prepared!
...... correction, 4 variants ...
- MyDoom.S
- MyDoom.T
- MyDoom.U ... name being changed to MyDoom.U1 (dunno why)
- MyDoom.V ... not there yet, but it will be :) (JUST announced)
... in the meantime it is at F-Secure's Site, under the MyDoom.X moniker


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