LATE News:
* Ivan destroyed 90% of Grenada's buildings, kills 20 ... coming to Jamaica next, and FLA next week ...
* Al-Zawahiri says US is in hiding ... this is what you get what you 'threaten' to launch a sensitive war on terror. Video tape shows "machine gun" next to him - ah yes, the religion of peace.
* The Agenda for America ...
* Where is the Muslim outrage?
* Teresa - "If you don't agree with my husband you are an idiot" ... rest of 5 year olds in the world - "I know you are, but what am I?" ... do we really want her as our First Lady? She'd be worse than Hillary, and (ask Bill) Hillary was pretty bad!
*Irrelevant: Questions on Bush's NG duty ... Documents questioned HERE and HERE AND HERE and the BEST REBUTTAL is RIGHT HERE (talks about how off-base and way-out Geraldine Ferraro is (she is on FOX News (H&C) as I type this))
* So is 26-5 worse than 22-0? ... ask the Tigers and the Yankees ...
* Nader is off the ballot in FLA ... desperate grab (via lawsuit) by Democrats

News: ...TREACHERY...
* France, China, Russia supplied Saddam weapons before AND DURING the war ... I can't wait to see how this plays out, how the traitors respond, etc. (assuming it is true, that is).
* Ivan the Terrible ... Cat5 Hurricane ... still a ways out, but not looking good for the home (Florida, anyway) team. Current track puts it all up in Florida's grill late Monday / early Tuesday ... UPDATE: Florida Keys have now been told to evac (and Ivan is pummeling everything in its path so far)
* Ohio Senator Stivers getting shipped off to Iraq ... refuses the lawmaker's deferment option,a nd still seeking re-election. Good Man!
* Chechen rebels offer $20M bounty for Putin ... damn. (Correction - earlier I said Putin's bounty for the rebels was bigger, I was wrong - his offer is $10M ... my bad.)
* Jakarta hit by car bomb ... more here, and possible links to al-Qaeda
* US strikes Fallujah
* Quattrone goes to jail ... not long enough, nor soon enough. But better than nothing!
* Greenspan - 'rates going up' ... last chance to ReFi. :)
* StorageTek disk subsystem DoS ... you didn't need access to that data right NOW, did you??
* Assault Weapons ban ... no more?. Good bye, and good riddance! (As usual - passing new laws is no replacement for enforcing existing ones!)
* Common Anti-Biotic (erythromycin) contributes to cardiac arrest
* Big botnet shutdown .. one down, 10,000 to go ...
* S.Korea admits to extracting fissile material in 1982 ... "nothing to do with nuclear weapons".
* Genesis crash caused by faulty explosives ... no parachute for you.
* Fly-powered robot ... step 1: Make robots that are self-powered (and self-repairing, and self-replicating) ... step 2: __?__ ... step 3: PROFIT!
* Oil $ up ... dammit.
* Comments on (state) Taxes
* Dads fake sleep when babies cry ... not me, I really do sleep right through all that noise!

* Having children makes you dumber ... as a new father I am upse, uh, what was I saying? ... “This explains why every parent thinks their child is the smartest kid in class or the best athlete, even if that child is as dumb as a box of rocks or needs a calendar to time their forty-yard dash. People who before were intelligent and open-minded turn into raving lunatics who want to blame a teacher or coach every time their mediocre child fails"
* Media vs Cheney ... the error of omission and distortion. Fine reporting here in the US.
* A scary %(50) of LA's population cannot read/write English ... case in point - unable to read a prescription bottle or bus schedule. How can I put this gently ... WHEN YOU MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY YOU LEARN TO READ AND WRITE THEIR LANGUAGE. There ...
* Sony releasing zoom-capable TV? ... tapping the same target audience as the internet in general (ahem).
* Serena to get rematch? ... "redo"
* Google updated their toolbar add-in(IE only)
* Ann Coulter's latest article ... "The only way Kerry's constantly changing positions on little matters like war would seem rational is if we found out he was using a Ouija board to determine his positions – much as he's using a crystal ball to predict when we should start removing U.S. troops from Iraq. Six months – whoops, no, four years. Stupid crystal balls – they never work!" … she is amusing (and occasionally correct), if nothing else!
* More on the Stock Market's fear of Kerry/Edwards
* Those of you using 'float' in your bank account ... listen up ... things stop floating, and checks stop flying (finally!), in October
* The World's Best Bad Advice
* Space Elevator competition ... if we can make this work it will be sweet! Drastically reduces the cost of getting 'stuff' into space!
* Embargo, what embargo? Cuban Cancer Med to debut in US ... why not let cigars in, don't those two things have a certain synergy? :)
* Let's demo a part of this bridge ... or the whole thing, on accident ... oh, and ignore the film crew. Film @ 11.
* More hacking on the NSLU2 ... still cool!
* Decoding car names
* Spinning plane could hover for days
*Did you know that Kerry has not fielded any questions from reporters for one full month?
* Some comments of polling differences ... and why Bush really is up 10+ points!

Wacky Democrats
* They think the media has been soft on GWB ... that statement alone negates the rest of the article! Furthermore, the suppositions in the article are flat our wrong - the 'intriguing questions' are a)not intriguing and b)answered incorrectly. Don't get me wrong - I agree with the real point of the article (that outing intelligence assets is bad), but all of the bias and conclusions are just way out there.
* How fuel cells work

* Republicans injured in massive rush to discredit Kerry
* Responding to calls from Democratic Party insiders to shake up his listless campaign Kerry changed his tie.
* Geek pick up lines
* RNC beats DNC in ratings; networks cancel election
* The son of a bitch probably did it anyway
* Cheney made his most dire remarks to date about Kerry, saying that Nostradamus warned that Kerry’s election would signal the end of the world.
* 25 all time greatest Comic Book covers
* New iMac = Breakfast tray
* Ad-Blocking hosts file .. highly recommended! (along with SpyBot-S&D, AdAware, SpywareBlaster, ZoneAlarm, Qwik-Fix ... :) )
*TRUE 80's commercials ... Hey Kool-Aid! (that one wasn't there :( )

Rance: the mating ritual has begun... i fixed her cable modem, she was impressed. *flex*
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