Late News:
* US Household wealth soars to record levels
* NYC unemployment drops to lowest since 09/01
* Iraq going down-hill
* IE usage slips a bit
* A though on health-care reform
* Kerry - in trouble in Illinois too?
* Robotic Cockroach
* Boston's 'Big Dig' has a big leak
* For the record - playing with mysterious liquid metal not such a good plan
* Drunk Jurors are A-OK!
* Asshat American company that is HQ'd in Caymans to avoid taxes asking US Military to help stop looters .. my answer - sure, here is your bill.

News: ... Iraq... IVAN ... More Ivan ... MORE IVAN ...
* Jeanne is a hurricane now! ... now expected to hit US by early next week!
* Panic Storm Over MS04-028 Reaches Category 4, Mozilla Responds With Vulnerabilities Of It's Own! ... thanks for the headline ISC!
* Iraq - three more kidnappings
* Oil back up, thanks to Ivan wiping out half of the Gulf's production capability - "these numbers are going to be screwed up for the next three to four weeks" ... and US inventory #'s for crude and heating oils ... and Chavez - Oil could hit $100/barrel, blames US ... and more on the ripple effect of high Oil prices
* Green Zone in Iraq not totally secure? ... this should probably be addressed ... as should this (biased) article regarding Iraq reconstruction
* US debating how to deal with 'Nuclear Iran'
* You can fly with explosives and ammo ... airline security at its (cough) best!
* Ivan-coming ashore - "The storm was expected to make landfall early Thursday near Mobile and could swamp the coastline with a 16-foot storm surge and up to 15 inches of rain" ... "An 11th-hour shift turned Ivan away from New Orleans, but the sheer size of the storm could create catastrophic flooding in the bowl-shaped city. Officials warned that the levees and pumping stations that normally hold back the water may not be enough to protect the below-sea-level city"
* Judges for sale?
* Hockey on strike
* Science Exam for Kerry & Bush

* One of the German ex-Conjoined-Twins dies
* India winning the AIDS race ... but in a bad way.
* No more Johnny Ramone ... they are getting the band back together, just not in this life.
* Some thoughts on Social Security reform
* The nose-steered mouse ... no more RSI, just don't blink too much. I still want the direct neural inputs ...
* Bush making advances even in Strong Democratic bastions (like NJ) ... and NY, as mentioned previously. However-we cannot become complacent!
* Comparisons between Rather and Moore :) ... and Ann Coulter comments on CBS/Rather-"CBS-hired document examiner:"I did not feel that they wanted to investigate it very deeply."" ... Rather/CBS ratings plunging
* Cisco joins WiMax forum
* Cribs kill
* All i want is a planet with a freaking laser on its head
* GMail hacks ... BTW, I still have some invites!
* Inflation still low (~3%), but some costs rising faster ... "insurance to heating bills to college tuition" and housing.

Insane Lefties:
* Blames everyone except CBS for Rather-gate, claims media is pro-right, and claims that "On a level playing field, Kerry would be winning in a landslide" ... amusing, yes?
* Auntie Pinko's (that's her real pen name!) latest "column" ... the usual blather, but atleast admits "... Mr. Kerry has thus far demonstrated the personal charisma of yesterday's cold oatmeal. And that his refusal to make promises or espouse positions that he would be unable to deliver has frustrated many. And that his persistent attempts to keep the complexity of the issues confronting America visible, is a problematic campaign tactic, at best" ... :)
* MoveOn.org thinks US surrenders

* Bush gets high marks for War on Rather
* DoE passes the 'Back in My Day' Bill
* Female athletes making great progress ... in getting more attractive.
* Expected Hurricane closes schools in Florida, middle of next month
* Kerry Aide gets paper cut, demands Purple Heart ... more bleeding than Kerry did for his :P
* Freddy & Jason to wed
*TRUE Cheney has two DWI's of his very own ... still irrelevant, but funny!

Leno: "In an interview in Harper's Bazaar, Teresa Heinz Kerry said she doesn't much care for the title 'first lady.' You know the way the campaign is going, I think you'll be OK. You got nothing to worry about."

Sonium: someone speak python here?

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