Late News:
... check out the new Electoral Vote count up top; auto-updates based on source site! (currently Bush=317, Kerry=207! w00t! )
* Syria - end the genocide ... Bush releases plan
* Italian hostages freed
* New mini-series on PBS - Origins ... "travel to the beginning of time, and back ... my TiVo is already set!
* Next Nintendo to have wireless networking+
* Buckeyballs now safe for Humans
* Cat Stevens - friend of Hamas?

News: ... EARTHQUAKE ... OIL
... Redskins give away another should-be victory, with "help" from the ref's (I quit watching after the Ref's blew it twice on MAJOR plays)
* Cali +1 earthquake! ... 6.0 magnitude (preliminary info)
* Oil.$50/barrel ... damn damn damn .. slipping down a bit, and stocks go up anyway! (The new $50 bill could buy one barrel of crude! :) ) ... some thoughts on a Crude Bubble? (does it even exist?)
* .JPG exploit posted for all to see ... patch your machines! SOME REPORTS are indicating non-MS apps are also vulnerable, as they use the GDI+ library from MS (but packaged with their app, so NOT PATCHED by MS's update sites)
* AIDS cure & vaccine? ... "also eliminated antibodies for hepatitis B and C virus from the blood of co-infected HIV-positive patients and improved symptoms of malaria in a handful of patients"
* Kerry running a loser's campaign?
* Iraqi leader compares US media to al-Jazeera
* More on the Nuke Twins (Iran, N.Korea)
* More on St. Helens - one or two quakes per minute!
* Athens Paralympics ends on tragic note ... 7 dead.
* Human cloning coming soon? ... bad bad bad
* Airplane bomb threat in London
* Debates gonna' be worthless? ... or will they determine the victor?
* Daycare shootings ... 3 dead, including a 3yr old. (Detroit)
* Some thoughts on the amount of $$$ being spent on education ... "the U.S. ranks at the top of the international charts when it comes to education spending" ... "the U.S. ranked 15th among the 31" ... SUMMARY: SPENDING MORE $$$ IS NOT THE ANSWER, it is HOW you spend it! (duh!)
* SunTrust website helping phishing scam ... cross-site scripting is the h4x0r.

* Bush: Kerry could spend 90 minutes debating himself ... HAHAHHA
* Radioactive batteries?
* Republicans - good for Healthcare
* Life on Mars ... more & more likely
* Another Kerry flip-flop ... Saddam a terrorist, but not part of war on terror?
* Thought on massive Armed Forces re-location
* Kerry - losing Ohio
* Public Nudity legal in San Fran ... damn loonies!
* Urban Sprawl killing us?
* Kobe's account of 'the night' .. some, (ahem) interesting things ...
* Edwards stumped?
* PDA for outdoors-men (ack, or women)

* So-called "Bush Lies" ... the name of the site destroys any credibility. But, if you are so inclined, have some fodder ...

*TRUE: Kerry is on 'orange alert'
*NSFW: These are Hi-Larious! (I have been told these are quite old, but I don't care - they are still funny!)
* Paranoid-Schizophrenic Named Scott Peterson Googles Self, Jumps Out Window
* Bush wins by 217% points in computerized election ... "It was the most decisive victory in a Presidential election since Ronald Reagan defeated Walter Mondale in 1984"
* Eddie Vedder sing a Cat Stevens' song, gets declared a terrorist

DAL9000: if you ever feel dumb
DAL9000: look at tasmboy
DAL9000: and you'll feel better.
Tasmboy: its not working
DAL9000: because you're you.
DAL9000: looking at yourself would throw you into a recursive loop of stupidity."
... BASH

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