Late Update: ... JEANNE ...
* Kerry waffles - now says he would have left Saddam in power ... to torture his own people, foster global terror, develop WMD in the future, etc.
* No CBS moderator on presidential debates? ... karma :)
* More thoughts on the 'real estate bubble'
* Cool history of VoIP
* More on UN's corrupt Oil for Food program ... $BILLIONS straight to Saddam. Nice!
* Google the web browser?
* Israel Defense Force kills Hamas field commander
* Early warning indicator for Heart Disease

News: ... Redskins=Losers ... TXTtoBinary ...
* Riley Marie Evans Baptism Pics!
* Maybe Arnold will be president in 2008 ... not in time for the rise if the machines :)
* Edwards says Kerry would crush al-Qaeda ... if so, then why does al-Qaeda want Kerry to win? ... and Kerry speaks - naturally, he is mostly mis-guided (incorrect assertions, accusations & solutions) ... :)
* Another Muslim cleric killed by terrorists ... hopefully some good can come from this, in that more will hopefully realize how the terrorists need to be dealt with. Meanwhile, terrorists are 'pouring in' to Iraq.
* 3 more Beheadings in Iraq ... UPDATE: Possibly another!
* Where Kerry went wrong
* Tropical Storm Jeanne killing people ... UPDATE: 500 killed in Haiti flooding
* China misplaces some GM Trees ... this is what scares lots of people about GM products, they go missing / get intermixed with 'everything else' ... UPDATE: GM grass seed blows 21km!
* Lost Nuclear Bombs -= 1 ... off the coast of Georgia.
* Macaulay Culkin drug bust ... plus an amusing pic
* Kentucky +1 Earthquake on Friday
* Britney Spears +1 wedding ... let's see if this one lasts
* MCI on the auction block? ... I want my UUnet back.
* Sonic powered spacecraft? ... well, still nuclear :).
* Regardless of who wins in November, will US bail out of Iraq in a hasty fashion? ... I wouldn't use the term 'quick' or 'hasty', and I also think it will largely depend on how well Iraq's elections go and how the country fares afterwards. Oh, and as for the "neoconservative dream of building democracy in the Arab world" comment ... shouldn't that be everyone's dream - that all people everywhere have the opportunity to experience freedom?
* Eat pork, get chipped?
* Illinois State Capitol = not so safe ... +1 shooting (today)
* Arnold paroling left & right ... not so sure I like this trend (although it is admittedly a select group being released, still - IMHO parole is bad)

* Interesting look at the world - amazing how off-base our current maps are!
* VMWare making Enterprise/Security play
* Face-Off ... really possible?
* Oil back up over $46 ... Damn Yukos. Damn storms. ...more on Yukos here
* When in doubt, copy mother nature - Ox's natural Mosquito Repellent has been synthesized
* Democrats not too happy with Kerry campaign?
* John Kerry, sports imbecile ... I am too, but atleast I admit it and don't try to pretend to know WTF I am talking about.
* Another example of what socialized medicine does for you
* I wish I could buy stock for $.30 and sell them for $108 30 days later!
* And Gallup puts Bush up by 13%! ... ditto on the CBS polls, but we don't trust CBS that much anyway :) ... in fact, CBS now admits they were deceived ... and it is still irrelevant to the election!
* Prostate Cancer test is no good
* While I understand her being sad & upset I totally disagree with her statements & conclusions.
*BE quoted in FCW ... article = "4 tips for a strong defense". Lightweight read. Kinda related news: BE resigns Mickelson - just in time for his humiliating Ryder cup loss
* Bike-Locks no workie ... similar to Kensington PC security cables :P
*MOM2005 being released ... MS's monitoring utility, re-done.
* Release the swarm of RoboSapiens!
* Drug tests for Welfare Recipients - FINALLY!
* Spinach powered PC's?
* IOmega WiFi NAS ... cool, even without WPA. Use your own damn file encryption.
* No more whips, no more chains, no more homemade S&M devices
*COOL: OldSchool video games!

*SWEET!: Convert a Text string to Binary ...
*TRUE: This is what happens when you lose your picture-storing memory stick ... someone posts them all online!
*SCARY: The WhackoJacko Mask ... just in time for Riley's first Halloween!! (ahem)
*TRUE: Fun Latin
*TRUE Stupid laws, by state!
*ZIP-FILE: A very hawking Christmas

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