News: 1000
*We are officially up to 1000 US deaths in Iraq ... we should all observe a moment of silence, and offer our prayers and condolences to the friends and family of all of those lost.
* Frances damage total so far $3B ... much less than the $5-25B still being forecast by some ... we'll see who is right. And, Ivan is coming!
* Bad Day for US Marines & Army ... 7 & 5 down, respectively. And al-Sadr is still causing havoc, killing Americans
* Kerry tells terrorists how to win ... just wait 4 years.
* Clinton is OK ... well, physically.
* Oil hovering around $43/barrel ... but may be going up soon?
* Some amusing allegations about Bush ... mostly repeats of former allegations, mostly drug related, and all took place 25+ years ago (if ever).
* Tiger now #2, Vijay takes the lead ... Mickelson still #2 in the $$ rankings (short by about $2M)
* Haliburton may decide not to rebid ... to many individual contracts make it not worth the effort. We'll see.

*Flip-Flop - Kerry now says he would have done everything differently in Iraq ... oh yeah, and he supports gun owner's rights (something he is correct on, for once and for now(until his next change in opinion?)). Oh so sorry - he is not for gun owners' rights, he just owns guns! So clear. By the way, he may be illegally in possession of one now!
* Children's blood vessels reveal future heart problems
* An interesting side-effect of Government provided health-care ... government mandated behavior!
* Babies prefer to look at beautiful faces ... so do I!
* TiVo + NetFlix
* You hair knows where you've been
* Thoughts on Dem's and foreign policy ... compare the 'liberation count'
* Nitrate good after all?
* Another Goose-Gander scenario ... Dems want 'every vote to count', unless thy are GOP votes :).
* Poincaré Conjecture solved? ... for more background, go here.
* Some thoughts on how Kerry would have handled Iraq / Afghanistan
* Super Computer for rent? ... yeah, but what kind of FPS can we get on Doom3??
* Someone is not happy with Daschle 'campaign shenanigans'
* Ann Coulter vs John Kerry ... as always :). Last weeks article, still worth reading if you haven't already.
* An example of why we NEED tort reform!
* Improving Ultrasounds by bending sound 'the wrong way'
* Comments on Kerry's campaign slogan(s) and some of his worse mis-steps as a congressman
* A fay in the life of the ISC
* The history of income tax ... 1861 was when the hammer started falling.
* Social Security Calculator

* Osama fires his publicist
* Frances forces 2 to evacuate from Oolitic, Indiana ... "relentless march of inconvenience"
* Bush gets Bounced
* WalMart + Huge Shopping Carts = Safety
* Bass Boat Vets for Truth
* Israel plays go fish ... this site is great because they take a real news article, print it ... and then add just a pinch of satire (without disturbing the newsy goodness)
* Bush Promises “No Negative Advertising Against John Edwards and His Fatass Wife

_blackcat: in the bash how do I get it so that it will show the all the dirs in a different color?
octalpuss: i believe that's the --gay option

... Hope everyone had a great Labor day weekend, now get back to work!


Rusty said...

TJ...Super Powers II comes out at the end of Sept.

I can beat your ass in this game.

TJ said...

Rusty - seriously, quit being delusional!