* Bush docs are forgeries ... so says one of CBS's 'expert witnesses', who now also says he was misled by CBS. Go Big Media! And, against Clinton's advice, Kerry/Dems will launch a new round of attack ads (again - way to stick to the issues!!)
* North Korea, nukes ... a strange cloud therein ... but probably not nuclear
* US Air - bankrupt. Pilot Unions suck. Second time in two years for US Air.
* Is the internet about to fall apart? ... and who is doing what to 'save' it?
* US + 3M illegal aliens this year ... this is why we need to SIGNIFICANTLY improve our border control. Not only can we not support 3M/year new (non-procreation related) non-citizen-residents BUT MANY of these are (at the very least) not going to help our country, but MANY of these are actually hostile to our way of life.
* Indiana gets an earthquake

* Kerry - even flip-flops on his own ambitions ... interesting that he has always wanted to be Pres and has always been a glory hound / camera lover. Not my president, please. In related news, Kerry is in trouble. Sweet; let's hope his credibility and worth continue to be shown for what (I feel) they really are.
* Crime rate at 30 year low ... and economy good.
* Every living thing on the planet to get a new name?

* Dems declare Zel Miller a WMD
* Name the Game ... hear a sound, ID the game
* Everyone's good at something ...
*TRUE: The History of Eating Utensils

Eva: I don't know what it is with guys and wanting to flex their e-penis.
... http://www.bash.org/?397776
(my only response to that is *flex*)

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