* MS releasing new CRITICAL bulletin(s) ... affects a wide range of products.
* New Washington Post Poll puts Kerry down 18% in 6 months ... "Kerry was viewed favorably by 36 percent of registered voters" ... "Kerry finds himself in a dead heat with Martha Stewart and Joseph McCarthy, and behind Herbert Hoover" ... HOWEVER:some believe Bush's plan will cost $3T over 10 years (note that a LOT of that # comes from using static analysis and doesn't factor in the economic stimulus provided by tax cuts) ... did I mention the media is biased? Also, Bush pulling further and further ahead in midwest. Sweet!
* Bomb-blast kills ~50 in Iraq
* Cuba hit by Ivan ... over 10% of the population had to evacuate, and Castro refuses US aid (good; why should we help them??) ... death-total now at 68. Also, Ivan (partially)blamed for rise in oil prices
* Blair to urge US to take tougher stance on global warming ... and some thoughts on predicting the weather ... and some anecdotal evidence on predicting the weather (technology vs real world)
* Automotive Black Box being used correctly ... if only they would ensure these would only be used like this!
* Sony, et al, buying MGM
* 4 bloggers killed CBS's credibility ... and some thoughts on (the lack of) critical thinking skills in Big Media ... and a line by line review/response to Rather's ignoring the evidence ... and Fund Mgrs now see a Bush win (insert grain of salt here)
* Sun + MS to play in same sandbox? ... interoperability en route.
* Some thoughts on Homeland Security, Defense spending ... spending ourselves into oblivion? ... and the fact that 'entitlements' now take up 40% of the federal budget (more than double what defense gets). THAT should be a crime!
* Apple-=($LOTS) ... Apple to make 'huge' settlement vs Beatles. (Apple vs Apple Corps)

* Some spec's on the OICW ... including the indirect-fire (20mm) option
* Lose ALL your wait for $3k ... Zero-G flights.
* Nokia introduces cel-phone-based P2P ...
* Kerry plans on spending another $5B ... on anti-crime legislation. Note that crime is already at a 30 year low AND Kerry still cannot due math ... oh yeah, and the 'Ban didn't really do anything anyway (and Feinstein wines). One of Kerry's ballet items - track parolees more carefully. How about someone take a real stand and *abolish parole*. And Moore's thoughts on the 'Ban .. and how wrong he is :).
* N. Korea knows it will be easier to push Kerry around
* Compare and Contrast : Bush's and Kerry's Health Care Plans ... in short, Kerry's is 'more bang'. But costs a lot more ($1.5T - yes, T as in Trillion) bucks!
* Some thoughts on telling the truth ... not necessarily the popular thing, but always the right thing.
* Dense matter ... Neutron Star ... "A teaspoon of the dense stuff would weigh about a billion tons on Earth"
* More on Coburn ... Oklahoma senator-to-be. Also, some thoughts on the sad state of our nation's politics.
* If you are feeling philanthropic, or just generous, National review could use your help!
* Australia's CJD scare all better now
* TB still a threat to the health of the world
* Alternative search engines
* SpaceShipOne getting bigger motor
* Dems -1 foot? ... if (or when? :P ) Bush wins, that is.
* FDA approves new lens implant ... just in time for me to go blind ...
* Outsourcing can be painful ... Awww, so sorry.

Liberals Gone Wild:
* Bush and friends play while everyone else pays ... I find it hard to believe that any sane person honestly thinks Bush enjoys sending America's children to war.
* They consider themselves the light-bearers and the rest of civilization as the marauders

* Excellent FARK PS ... how to get on the Price Is Right!
* The name says it all - Drop Dead Ugly
* N. Korea: Blast was from a Cher concert
* Kerry - no guitar hero
* Lower limbs battling for control
* Bush denies preferential treatment
* Bambi vs Dumbo
*TRUE!(?): detailed map of Springfield .. you know, where the Simpsons live.

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