*NASA's Genesis mission ... and how badly it failed. Details on HOW bad not yet available (100mph crash landing, let's see what broke) ... Also, this gave asteroid-impact experts a good example of an earth impacting event
* Iran MAJOR contributor to Iraq insurgency
* Poll puts Kerry in landslide victory if entire world could vote... More reasons to Vote for Bush - the rest of the world has the wrong priorities.
* National Sales Tax ... more talk. For the record, I would prefer a flat tax HOWEVER a NST would be an improvement from the morass we are in now! More thoughts on taxes here ... good read!
* Russia to be preemptive in their war on terror ... sounds familiar, doesn't it? They also offer $15M reward!
* Greenspan on the Economy ... "improving"
* Partial-Birth Abortion Ban AGAIN crushed ... we (as a country) get to keep killing babies.

* Nickel NanoDots to yield tiny ass HDDs
* Kerry does not know the difference between the Federal Deficit and the Economy
* Judge blows a call, Serena loses by a point
* Whoops - sewage flowing out of manhole covers ... loss of power causes things to back up
* Some thoughts on Social Security
* Sweet! Make your Roomba take pictures!
* Kerry can't answer how his Iraq Exit strategy would actually work
* Insider Trading is Good? ... hmm, not too sure - but interesting thought!
* Quick Health Care ... in America, not so much in Canada. Again - Govt provided health care has MANY drawbacks!
* Is just the threat of President Kerry keeping the markets in a slump? ... the "Kerry-Edwards risk factor"
* MS releases eSecurity Guide for Small Businesses
* Dinosaurs: Good parents?
* One of Kerry's anti-war statement collaborators is recanting ...that is because Kerry was lying. :)

*Here are the top nine comments made by NBC sports commentators during the Summer Olympics that they would like to take back:
1. Weightlifting commentator: "This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing."
2. Dressage commentator: "This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother."
3. Paul Hamm, Gymnast: "I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father."
4. Boxing Analyst: "Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious."
5. Softball announcer: "If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again."
6. Basketball analyst: "He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces."
7. At the rowing medal ceremony: "Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC
president is hugging the cox of the British crew."
8. Soccer commentator: "Julian Dicks is everywhere. It's like they've got eleven Dicks on the field."
9. Tennis commentator: "One of the reasons Andy is playing so well is that, before the final round, his girlfriend takes out his balls and kisses them... Oh my God, what have I just said?"

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