* Ongoing Russian-School-Hostage situation - 8(?) dead ... UPDATE: 31 released, still ongoing
* Frances is going to hit FLA and will probably break $/damage records ... UPDATE: AND Frances may end the shuttle program! ... UPDATE1M+ told to evacuate
* Charges dropped against Kobe... civil suit still pending.
* The FBI probe for Israeli spies has been going on for 2 years ...
* Ken Lay says charges are "weak" ... hopefully he spends some quality time in a FPMITAP, where he can be described as "weak".
* al-Sadr linked to mass killings ... this is who Moore referred to as "not ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ or ‘The Enemy.’ They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen""
* Edwards announced plan to allow Iran Nuclear Power Plants ... this is EXACTLY what Clinton did in North Korea, and lookie where it got us.
* Thoughts on last night's RNC ... In short - Cheney's speech = 20 minutes too long (but the middle 10 = great) and Zel Miller = Awesome. Zel's speech is here
* (Democrat) Miller hammers Kerry ... so does Cheney, but that is expected :).
* MS opens MSN Music ... and releases WMP10. Today.
* Forget the apple, drink Urine? ... um, maybe not - but some believe it improves health, reduces gray hair, slows aging, prevents cancer and clears the sinuses. I'll buy the sinus part :).

* Genetic screen predicts Cot Death
* Michael Moore - "Bush is killing our kids" ... and other crap-tastic things from "Michael Mooron"
* Radio Signal from 1000 light years away ... anomaly or aliens? ... UPDATE: Astronomer says its just media hype
*Related?: Perhaps radio signals not the best way to communicate inter-stellar info
*Related?: Silent Running: 'Black Triangle' Sightings on the Rise ... or covert ops related? Or, insane redneck related?
* You can download a free copy (.PDF) of Kerry's book - The New Soldier ... the book Kerry doesn't want us to read.
* Kerry and his legislative history ... or lack thereof. 20 years with nothing to show, so sad. “Kerry has been a conspicuous non-performer in the legislation department.”
* WPA-2 announced ... better security for your wireless LAN.
* Owls - perhaps they are pretty smart after-all
* A comment on the Protesters ... and how clean language seems to escape them. Don't get me wrong - I sue the ole' F-bomb frequently enough, but not in serious conversation or to make a point.
* More observations from the crowd
* Ann Coulter blasts Kerry again ... "It was Kerry ... who told The Washington Post: "I wish they had a delete button on Lexis Nexis"." ... "Another Kerry campaign official, John Hurley, has since admitted that it is "possible" that Kerry's first Purple Heart came from a self-inflicted wound."
* Philly to be be world's largest WiFi hotspot ... ALL 135 sq miles of it. Raises the issues of security and accountability though ...
* BE stock up 5+% yesterday ... and I don't know why. Still just a BIT below IPO ($18)
* The Real Vietnam ... and why it isn't getting the attention (as opposed to Kerry's 4 months there, which is getting the press)
* Some thoughts on Property Taxes
* Some pro- and anti- Kerry economic #'s ... although the pro- parts are subject to interpretation :).
* The changing demographics of America and our two party system
* Charlize's injury to end Aeon Flux movie?
* Sender_ID in trouble ... also, half of all sender ID approved mail is SPAM anyway ... it just won't work (even if Apache did support it, which it doesn't)!!.

Sad But True: ... well, by true I mean they posted it. Their statements are wildly inaccurate and (again) are linked here just to show the extreme liberal viewpoint and how not-too-right-in-the-head these people are.
* Essentially blames Bush for Enron ... atleast the author admits to not even being able to be sociable with Conservatives. That's fairly extreme, even G. Gordon Liddy was friendly with (some) Liberals. Also admits - "I do not have the dedication nor the courage to fight" - refreshing honesty from a Liberal Extremist!
* 'Auntie Pinko' (there words, not mine!) tries to say that all mainstream media is tightly controlled, and Conservative ... and then criticizes the communications industry for giving us too much choice. The word for that is "Hypocrisy" - can you say that? Yes, I thought so.
* Wants to "grinding the bastards (Republicans) so far down ..." ... atleast this one may have a point, raises some of the ongoing legal issues facing Iraq Oil/Service contracts, some Pentagon/FBI issues, etc. However goes on to say that Bush should be charged with War Crimes / Crimes Against Humanity. I mean, come on ... WE AREN'T THE ONES GASSING OUR CITIZENS OR COMMITTING GENOCIDE!
* Claims Republicans don't have any fun ... and don't know how to use our tongues - I disagree! Also criticizes a GOPer for saying "well, the one thing that makes me proud to be a conservative is that we don't have to march up and down the streets screaming obscenities, taking off our clothes, physically assaulting people, or barricading hotel entrances to make our voices heard." WTF - it is bad to say I don't need to assault people to make a point??
* 6month old girls survives 5 days alone ... well, next to her now-dead father anyway.

* Things a Consultant Would Say ... NICE!
* What's in a name?
* McCain, Schwarzenegger, Miller Form New Party: The “ReSchizoCrats”
* US Constitution .. children's menu?
* Filler columns abound!
* Cheney - Yankee's 22-0 loss all Kerry's fault ... Hi Chris!
* Body to grow new brain - Cognitive Angiogenesis
* Arnold beats down Democrat in show of GOP solidarity
* Sleeper Cells find life in US to be good, abandon cause
*True: My son, the eel ... "But in the meantime we're gonna switch from "The Squirrelly" to "The Lamprey" and start renting him out as a chimney sweep."
* Bush Improves Communication Skills with Lessons from This Famous Linguist ... damn, that is just wrong. Funny, but wrong.

... still cool - tradetricks.org ... from the DefectiveYeti guy.

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