* More on Hurricane Jeanne ... which has already killed 1000+ in Haiti
* Vote Early, Vote Often ... break everything?
* Kerry: "Bush is living in a make-believe world" ... maybe from Kerry's world it looks that way!
* Govt files a $280B suit against cigarette manufacturers ... "they lied for 50 years" ... developing
* More on Iran + Nukes
* Oil near $47! ... Ivan blamed. UPDATE: Now up to $48+
* US elections, Iraq elections, Middle East WMDs ... good read
* Some thoughts on Social Security Reform ... and how some of the BIG #s you see aren't really new costs ... "In fact, the cost of privatization is zero."
* More on the Oil for Food CF
* Kerry + Iraq ... "On Iraq, John Kerry is a one-man think tank, producing more ideas more rapidly than any of the experts" ... "over the past year, the Senator has called for sending more troops and withdrawing troops within six months. He has denounced the war--and also said that if he had it to do all over again, knowing everything he knows now, he would still have voted in favor of it."

* War is seldom, if ever perfect
* Loss of Ice Shelf ... glaciers on the move
* Twinkies down, Twinkies down
* Some thoughts on Judicial Legislation ... specifically WRT the education system
* Some thought son Federal Deficits ... NOT to be confused with some thoughts on the Trade Deficit ... and some thoughts on the (admittedly high) current deficits
* The new SBVFT video is here
* Apache as an IPv6 migration enabler?
* 11 year boy old rapes 76 year old woman ... WTF??
* Are we killing the giant squid?

* Comparing Rather-gate to the WMD docs ... the difference here, which some people don't realize or choose to ignore is that WRT WMD - we had three independent intelligence agencies/sources all saying the same thing. AND historical evidence to back up the claim. AND, as reported HERE, they DID have the knowledge, resources and capacity to re-start their old programs (they were basically mothballed, not destroyed) AND have showed their willingness to use them! ... oh, and speaking of Rather-gate - the man CBS identified as the source of the docs is suing them for libel

* Introducing the JeeTang ... Jeep + Mustang
* Coughlin seizes power ... in Germany
* Al-Qaeda conventions fears terrorist attack
* Kerry: I am not a baby-killer ... the real question is : "Do you eat babies?" :)
* Delete_Life.com
*BABY: Standing is hard ... did I mention Riley just rolled over today? :)
* Bush to ask Jeopardy Champ for Iraq answers
*TRUE: Next time, just get the refund ... making an acid bomb probably not the best route.

CookieMan: InternetNews.com has a report of a new Internet2 land-speed record: '859 gigabytes of data in less than 17 minutes. InternetNews goes on to say, 'This record speed of 6.63Gbps is equivalent to transferring a full-length DVD movie in four seconds.'"
@RuneB: CookieMan: "and that great disturbance you just felt was a million RIAA and MPAA executives screaming out in terror all at once, and then nothing."
... roughly quoted from BASH

Keolah: whats up?
Zarggg: A direction away from the center of gravity of a celestial object.
... thanks BASH (again).

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