* Russia to ratify Kyoto!? ... the wrong answer for the right question ... speaking of the climate, have all of our climate models been wrong?
* Japan +1 storm ... several fatalities, many more missing, 100k+ homeless.
* Double bombing in Iraq targets children and rescue workers ... and an interesting map showing the terrorist attacks within Iraq in the last 30 days ... link from RedState.org ... car bomb article originally linked here 3 car bombs kill ~40 in Iraq
* 31 killed in Gaza
* Patriot Act -1 provision? ... Ashcroft appealing
* 10 more hostages taken in Iraq!
* Merck -1 Arthritis drug
* Presidential debates tonight!
* Cali +1 Earthquake again. This one 'only' a 5.0 :P ... I think the best part of this site is looking at the "x earthquakes on this map" line ... it is usually atleast 10-20 (which is funny in and of itself, now it is at 63!
* A few relevant facts about the "Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses Kerry" non-story that circulated recently ... good read.
* Tony Blair speaks about terrorism - "The other view is that this is a wholly new phenomenon, worldwide global terrorism based on a perversion of the true, peaceful, and honorable faith of Islam; that its roots are not superficial but deep, in the madrassahs of Pakistan, in the extreme forms of Wahhabi doctrine in Saudi Arabia, in the former training camps of al Qaeda in Afghanistan; in the cauldron of Chechnya; in parts of the politics of most countries of the Middle East and many in Asia; in the extremist minority that now in every European city preach hatred of the West and our way of life.
If you take this view, you believe September 11th changed the world; that Bali, Beslan, Madrid, and scores of other atrocities that never make the news are part of the same threat, and the only path to take is to confront this terrorism, remove it root and branch, and at all costs stop them acquiring the weapons to kill on a massive scale because these terrorists would not hesitate"
* More on St Helens ... more quakes, bigger shakes ... 70% chance of erupting (but still not expected to be as huge as it was in 1980)

* Scientists have a sense of humor - Joke Nobel Prizes
* Want a 100GB email account ... and be the first to till it wins you a 1TB account. That is, for the record, equivalent to 1000 GMail accounts :). Speaking of which - I got another batch o' GMail Invites for anyone who wants one!
* Alcohol for School kids ... the best lunch they ever drank ..
* Ann Coulter, on the election ... as I have said before - she is always, at the very least, amusing! (Sometimes informative too)
* More on Social Security ... and why does it need to be saved?
* They haven't forgotten 9/11 ... but the media has forgotten them.
* Moore wrong (lies?) again, Junior is a Republican .. .speaking of Moore, Michael Moore Hates America opens today :)
* Jeep offers discount for 'Heroes' ... as well as Armed Forces, obviously
* Is Kerry guilty of Sloth?
* Cars that can read roadsigns?? .. as long as they don't automatically force me to obey the speed limit signs it reads! :)
* iPaq hx4705 ... getting closer to the PDA I really want ... still a bit short though :(

* From the folks that brought us REDvsBLUE ... StrangerHood ... based in Sims-world this time.
* New OOTS ... D&D comic, funny!

* Daily Schedule:
Bush : Meet Florida's storm victims, console the hurting members of our nation
Kerry : Recover from spray on tan, and get a manicure

PS - did you hear that the bill in Congress to re-instate the draft was written & sponsored by DEMOCRATS!?

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