* Russian school (and "hundreds of children")now taken over by terrorists! ... and another subway hit as well
* Kuwaiti hostages released ... and France still trying to get their 2 back ... and 12 Nepalese have been killed
* More on Frances ... edging into Bahamas, still on track for FLA!
* September: Historically the worst month for stocks .. let's see if that hold true this year. As of yesterday stocks are up, unfortunately Oil is up too (first rise in Oil in 8 days, had been down 14% - still not low enough :))
* Some Democrats urging Kerry to change campaign around ... would that count as a flip-flop too?? "Campaign is adrift" = HAHAHAH ... Couldn't happen to a nicer (ahem) guy.
* Moore, following Kerry's lead, flip-flops ... now he is returning to the RNC after all
* Giuliani to run in 08 ... Obvious?

* Virtual Space Travelers?
* Two new planets discovered ... 'only' 35 light years away (that actually is close, in the grand scheme of things ... where is the Enterprise when you need it?)
* The 'postcard' PC?
* A review of RNC-Night 2
* Black GOP members - #s growing! ... I am glad anytime anyone realizes how badly the Democratic party has abused their trust and lied to them for decades.
* Do-Not_Call violations - first lawsuit!
* What made Reagan Reagan?
* You can put just about any picture on a REAL stamp ...
* The last Atlas-2 rocket launch ever ... end of an era, and beginning of a new one?
* James Doohan ('Scotty') gets his Star ... and retires from public due to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes and Lung Fibrosis. OUCH!
* Interesting post - When Pacifism becomes evil ... and it quotes a Star Wars novel, so you know it's good!
* Dark Particles ... light-years wide ... ?
* A very critical look at the Bush family ... Mostly a lot of ad hominem attacks attacks based on things that happened 20+ years ago :). Also, disclaimers - 1) I haven't verified any of this, just forwarding it along 2)remember to ALWAYS consider the bias of the source.
* Some responses to the 'cloning of the dead' ... mainly, skepticism and revulsion :).

Sad but True ... a couple of links from a VERY LEFTist source, which shows how ill-informed (or maliciously deceptive) some Democrats can be ...
* Here they claim conservatives are nothing more than "rich, white men" who don't "give a damn about poverty, reproductive freedom, civil liberties, peace, justice, or social security". All of this under the guise of trying to explain why any homosexual would be a Republican. (Short answer - Because they are smart; Longer answer - probably because they feel that every person should be self-sufficient and not rely on the government to support them. :) )
* Here they claim the SBVFT HELPED Kerry ... by "highlighting his War Record". All 4 months of it, potentially falsified documents and all. NOTE that Kerry 'highlights' his so-called war record on a near daily basis and won't let it drop, the SBVFT are merely presenting some alternative information. ALL OF IT SHOULD GO AWAY, and hopefully the RNC will give everyone better things to talk about.
* Here they just say that everyone voting for Bush is ignorant ... same thing a lot of people think about those who are voting for Kerry. You can also note the misinformation being propagated regarding "tax cuts for the wealth" (newsflash - EVERYONE got tax cuts!). Lots of other unsupported ad hominem attacks to, just for good measure. It wraps up by saying if Bush gets reelected "there may not be much history left". HAHAHHAHAHHA
... way to focus on the issues! What is that, the sound of desperation?

* A handful of dedicated men will change the world
* Bush declares war on English Language
* Amtrak teams with Miramax ... to make best train-crash documentary ever
*NICE! What happens if ____?
* Slut airlines to compete with Virgin airlines ... "Super Luxury Utopian Transport"
* McCain converts Moore
* Shrine Lunatics for Truth ... Karl al-Rove and the Iraqi National Assault Rifle, Bazooka, and Light Anti-Aircraft Artillery Association (INARBALAAAA) :)
* The lighter side of al-Jazeera
* Democrats say cease fire not peaceful enough"
*TRUE Half Life 2 went Gold on Monday ... or, that's what some 'hacker' said after cracking Valve SW Chief's PW (first name + last initial = secure, right?).
*TRUE Indonesia drowning in ... acronyms?
*TRUE Jet powered wheel chairs ... I smell para-lympic Gold baby! :)

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