* Zarqawi group claims another American beheaded ... sadly, it has been confirmed
* Fed raises .25% rate again ... believes economy is growing
* Al-Qaeda planning massive terror strike against US? ... they seem to be suffering a credibility problem ...
* Iran + Nukes ... 'just for power' they say, can we afford to wait & see? ... more thoughts on that here ... On the flip side- Sanctions against Libya being lifted ... as they re-enter the global fold of 'non-WMD countries'?
* Some thoughts on Stem Cell research ... specifically, embryonic stem cells. FTR - ESCR is bad, and should not be condoned. There are valid, available, funded & proven ways to 'do stem cell research' without killing babies, or using dead babies.
* Some thoughts on poverty ... the poor in this country STILL have it better that the wealthy in many countries! (Some very interesting stats in the article, such as - "The average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau is a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage, and porch or patio". I don't even have a garage!!)
* New President for Indonesia
* Putin - the making of a dictator?
* Bush addresses UN today (updated!)
* TruSecure + Betrusted = Cybertrust ... the InfoSec merger-mania continues, this one creates the "world’s largest privately held information security company" ... their site* Jeane has killed 691 in Haiti alone ... DAMN!
* DeLay involved with now indicted Texan businessmen? ... developing.
* More on the LAX FAA outage ... caused by 'MS Windows integration' bug? .. the old 49.7 day reboot ... I would ask why they didn't fix this in their design (or HELL - at the very least automate the reboot every 30 days).

* A vet, talking about Kerry and Honor ... not Kerry's honor, mind you.
* Want a water-cooled PC? ... who doesn't??!
* Kerry's defeatism ... "plan to surrender"
* Free phone booth @ Burning Man ... VoIP+Satellite+WiFi ... nice!
* More 0G fun
* CBS's memo to employees about the whole Rather-gate issue ... oh yeah, and did CBS coordinate Rather-gate with Camp Kerry?
* WTO - going down? .. faces problems much like the UN, namely that it is being ignored.
* How we are not prepared to fight the war on terror - 'A Dreamland Away' ... "Mr. Helprin reminds us is that in fact we are at war against terrorism and that the appropriate mobilization to fight such a war is a whole dreamland away"
* Kerry-nomics ... you do the math; or look here for the math :). Also, contrary to Kerry - high paying jobs are not being replaced with low paying ones. Suck It, Blue.
* Aliens or planetary farts?
* DIY WiFi a PITA ... security concerns aplenty. Eddie should do this at his work :P
* Raises to go up next year ... but JUST barely. Dammit.* Stricter penalties for ID thieves, online vandals ... finally.* SBVFT to launch new ad soon ... targeting Kerry's anti-war activities this time. Note - still mostly irrelevant to the election at hand!

* CBS Headlines! ... "From our science desk, test results indicate that Soylent Green might actually consist of people"
* Are/Were you a member of the Michael Bolton Botnet ... that no talent a$$ clown.
* Is Vietnam over?
* Britney Spears surprised the world by secretly marrying a six-by-eight foot white plaster wall
* Major Industry Shakeout Leaves Budget Carrier Jetzapalooza! the Last Airline Standing
* Kerry losing support amongst al-Qaeda members
* Kerry does Letterman ... atleast he is talking to someone in the media, finally. Avoiding real news, i.e. avoiding real questions ... can't be seriously talking about issues now can we? (well, actually, no he can't - how can he make a statement unless he knows which group to pander to?)
* al Zawahiri going solo
* The Top Ten Sexually Suggestive Lines in the Star Wars Trilogy ... "Look at the size of that thing!"
*TRUE: Teacher cuts off 17 ears to discipline students ... not in the US.
*TRUE: How do they know I am going the wrong way; they don't even know where I am going!?
* Is My Little Baby Going to Go Gay? ... Damn! ... "A boy must eat everything on his plate. But if your son pesters you to serve corn on the cob, hot dogs or sausages, that is your signal to change his diet. Try serving meals that more effectively evoke a hankering for the fragrant delights of the female genitalia. An artichoke stuffed with tuna fish will usually do the trick."

I think I have coined a new phrase :
YARMABW - Yet Another Radical, Misguided, Anti-Bush Website :P

Quote of the Week: If A is success in life, then A=x+y+z.
x is work; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.
-- Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)
(forwarded from WinXPNews)

Another good quote:
You don't like the IT work you're doing right now? Really? Then think about some of the soldiers in Iraq, some of which are also doing the same IT work you're doing - running cables, configuring routers and switches - while seeing his friends getting shot and killed, and sometimes having to fear for his own life, while getting a fraction of the salary you're getting. Yet for the most part, you don't hear them grumbling - those guys just go out there and do their job each day, every day. If those guys can go out there and do their job without complaining, why can't you? (forwarded from GroupStudy member)

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