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* Russian School/Hostage Update: Special Forces have moved in, some roof collapses, some explosions (5 hostage takers dead). Also note that the estimate of 250 hostages was too low, # is more like 800-900! Some sources sat 1500! ... UPDATE: Everything over, but very bloody ... ~100 dead ... More here, including details about 'unplanned military action'
* France - hostages handed over to another group ... musical hostages?
* Frances-2.5M people told to evacuate ... current model suggests Orlando will have hours of 100+mph winds and ... damages to hit $35B ...UPDATE: Frances Downgraded to CAT-3 ...meanwhile, Gas Shortages hitting stations
* Text of Bush's speech available here
*RELATED: A point by point review of Bush's speech ... jobs, federal spending, tax code reform, energy, tort reform, etc.
* Kerry criticizes Cheney for 'avoiding' Vietnam ... way to focus on the relevant issues and be a positive campaigner there John-boy. Meanwhile, the Navy is investigating Kerry's medals. Still a non-issue, AFAIAC.
* Jobs #'s released ... another +150k jobs. And you can expect Dems to continue calling this 'the worst since Hoover', which they are intentionally misguiding everyone by failing to take the whole internet bubble-bust into account and unemployment was inconceivably low! Also - Unemployment is down to 5.4%
* Club For Growth gets Conservative replacement on board for the suddenly quitting Schrock ... also, just FYI, mentions Mark Warner's tax increase in VA - the LARGEST EVER IN VA!. The Club For Growth is cool because they aren't Republican nor Democrat, just for lower taxes and smaller govt.
* Shot fired into W.Va GOP HQ ... that's one way to protest.
* Oil prices rising again

* Portable Nuclear Power Plants ... sweet!
*RELATED: Cold Fusion ... back from the dead?
* Cats can spread the bird flu ... not good.
* More Moore rants ... as well-informed and accurate as his movie. Which, if you haven't been keeping score, was quite possibly the most amazing piece of fiction ever put on film. Even Democrats agree :).
*RELATED ... and Moore speaks in the past tense about things that haven't happened yet ... and includes some mis-information. "Lying Bag of Fat" (Yes, I know that is an ad hominem attack - but it IS an amusing one!)
* Too Little Too Late for Kerry? ... I agree!
* Do you believe in America? If you do, then President Bush must get your vote.
* Jackson paid $2M to a previous accuser to avoid a court case. Not looking good for the King of Pop.
* What really hit the Pentagon? Interesting 'movie'... haven't done any research myself. The tin-foil-hat brigade is on the case ... :)
* Gun Ban in UK backfires?
* Oil Prices and the Fed

* SBFT - new 527 ... now the boats themselves are speaking out.
* Jay-Z to Beyonce - you are one of my 99 problems
* Dead Brain Mega-Gigantic RNC Coverage
* Bush : War on Terror against US Citizens can't be won
* Windsurfing Kerry Zig-Zags, Flip-Flops
*Edwards Humor - Vote for me or I'll sue and Edwards - the other Breck Girl

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