... Please observe a moment of silence in memory of all those who were lost 3 years ago, and say a prayer for them and the ones they left behind. Say a prayer for all of our Armed Forces deployed throughout the world. Also say a prayer for all those affected by Ivan, or for those in Florida about to be so affected.

* Ivan = Cat5 by landfall (in US)? ... "MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS ARE NEAR 150 MPH...240 KM/HR ... IVAN COULD BECOME STRONGER DURING THE NEXT 24 HOURS. HURRICANE FORCE WINDS EXTEND OUTWARD UP TO 45 MILES FROM THE CENTER ... AND TROPICAL STORM FORCE WINDS EXTEND OUTWARD UP TO 175 MILES" ... Ivan did slip west just a bit, still expected to hit the 'Keys about now and to cover most of FLA by 2am TUES
* WTC, others, suing Saudi Arabia for damages from 9/11 ... not so sure it will work. The nation didn't do it ... that'd be like holding the US responsible for an American starting a bar fight in Germany. ALSO: Airlines being sued?? ... not sure that will work so well either, nor should it. Desperate ploys by insurance companies to not have to pay; well to not pay out of their own pockets anyway.
* Controversy over Black-Boxes in cars ... IMHO it would be a good thing, as long as they are used properly (i.e. - to determine the cause of accidents). They should NOT be used for any other purpose! (i.e. - to track your location as you travel). They should also only store a few (30? 60?) minutes of data, and you should be informed of all of th details of what it records and how long it stores it ... that is not currently the case (and is the cause of the controversy). Sidenote - FYI, all GM cars apparently have them already, and many Fords do as well.
* More controversy over Rather's anti-Bush docs ... meanwhile, Edwards challenges Bush to respond (even though Bush has already answered the questions) ... Fark:"The CBS documents that were real, then fake, then real are fake again according to a certified forensic document examiner" ... ALSO: Time poll puts Bush @ 52% to Kerry's 41% ... FOX had much closer #'s.
* More on Iran's Nuclear program & history thereof.

* Pot - good for MS patients?
* GM fish mass producing blood clotting agent ... on the cheap. Good for hemophiliacs, victims.
* This is the closest thing yet to a GOOD PDA ... all they need to add is a phone (Verizon), GPS and Camera ... OH, and make it smaller - 12" is a bit much to carry around :)
* Genesis update - science still intact ... and a link to the video of the crash
* US Airways may be able to avoid Bankruptcy ... basically, its all up to the pilots. Let's see how they like having jobs.
* Want to scavenge a 5GB MicroDrive from a (soon to be dead) Rio? ... related: Serial-ATA coming to MicroDrives! ... SWEET!

... today is not a good day to be funny.

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