News: ... Redskins win!
*Demos still saying docs are valid and that Bush lied about USAF service .. However, Bush DID go into active duty with the USAF in 1968! ... suck it, Democrats. Can we talk about the REAL issues?? ... or, we could go here :) ... Rather-Gate. HAHAHHA.
* Bush - good on free trade
* Ivan - Cat5 again, moving west ... current track
* Kerry finally talks with the press ... unfortunately, it was TIME so don't expect much ... and Gore stumps for the Dems while Kerry accuses GOP of trying to suppress minority votes .... hopefully minorities (in general) will see the Democrats for what they really are, and vote accordingly.
* More on Russia's new) preemptive policy ... again, sounds familiar doesn't it? (Note: Unfortunately this is the type of policy REQUIRED to wage a war against terrorist!) ... ALSO: global Jihad - falling apart?
* A wave of attacks in Iraq ... and US makes some precision strikes
* Iran's halt on Uranium Enrichment is only temporary
* N. Korea - the blast was from a planned demolition at a Hydro-electric construction site
* Stocks up
* Oprah gives away 276 cars to audience ... Holy F!
* Nader back on ballot in FLA ... for now.

* Super-Secret+Critical MS (Windows, Office, VS, .net all affected) vuln to be announced 'soon'
* Monster-ass truck being made ... "dwarfs the Hummer and the F-350"
* Pioneer 10 and 11 under the effect of unknown forces ... or a leaky tank?
* New hull designs to resist damage and decrease drag
* One ear != other ear ... left vs. right
* AMD takes retail lead from Intel ...
* More on 'the world'(well it should be, but currently just the US) vs. Sudan
* Nipah virus outbreak ... casualties low, but now transferred human to human ... not a good thought.
* Jakarta bombing - breakthrough
* Australia CJD outbreak/scare
* Necrophilia is (NOW) illegal in Cali ... I had no idea it wasn't illegal everywhere ...
* Sender ID = all but dead?
* Thune ahead of Daschle ... this would be AWESOME!

Interesting ... but in a scary/sad way:
* The out-of-control leftists: Top 10 Conservative Idiots ... you can smell the ignorance, bias, misinformation and lack of critical thinking capability.

*TRUE: Cartoon - Media vs. Tax Cuts
* Kerry: Bush is a lying cokehead ... meaningful debates :)
* MPAA to sue renaming to prevent piracy
* Olsens hired to replace Bush twins
* Hurricanes vs. Toupees
* John Kerry - not at all arrogant
* Kerry earns purple lollipop
Click for WebOfConenctions-ForgedMemos
... from BLOGSforBUSH ... related note: PowerLine says DEFINITIVELY that the Docs are forgeries

John Kerry is saying that the "W” in George W. Bush stands for "wrong”. This still doesn't explain what John Kerry stands for. -Letterman
According to this poll, China overwhelmingly said they would vote for Kerry. China? They can’t even vote in their own country. Shut up! -Leno
... those, and LOTS of others. (Letterman & Leno one liners)

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