News: ... IVAN PIC(small version below)...
*Reposting, since it is kind of important!: MS releasing new CRITICAL bulletin(s) ... affects a wide range of products. Symantec raised their ThreatCon to 2 based solely on this vuln! This .jpg MAY crash your IE ... not sure if imageshack breaks that 'functionality', but you have been warned. (PLEASE let me know if it does :P ). Being called the "JPEG of Death" vuln.
* OPEC: Oil output +1Mbpd
* New Orleans-about to be sunk? ... Ivan's 12'+ storm surge, levies overflowing (or worse - breaking). 300k people remaining in city (~100k have no way to evacuate, they rely on public transportation - whoops!). More here, and cool pic showing 2 hurricanes and 2 tropical storms active now - "50,000 people could drown". Damn! ... Ivan to cause $10B in damages? ... More Ivan News - "This is a bad one and people need to get out".
* Air travel in South-West US grounded ... ATC system decided to quit working.
* Kennedy to stump for Kerry ... one extremist for another. From right-thinking.com="Kennedy also plans daily drinking binges, picking up hookers and college girls, and driving the campaign off the bridge into a river" ... HAHAHHA ... and one of Kerry's co-liars now admits he was lying, and that he was coerced BY KERRY ... the downward spiral continues! ... Update: Kerry/supporters misquoting church document ... and he still cannot receive communion :P
*Rather-gate continues - CBS ignored concerns and CBS's experts say they didn't authenticate the memos ... "Catch me if you Rather" ... UPDATE:TexasANG secretary says Docs are forgeries, but that accusations are true ... and CBS to release a new statement ... and an older Rather-based controversy - perhaps he/they should start doing just a bit more background checking on their upcoming stories? :)
* Kerry already planning the post-election-loss lawsuit to challenge the vote count ... just like a trial lawyer would ...
* Sudanese peace talks collapse
* Blair quitting??
* Martha goes to jail ... takes it like a ma, err, woman.
* Barry coming back to DC ... they deserve each other. Someone set me up the bitch.

* The economy - another look ... and some other misc. details.
* how do you view Iraq ... here are two differing opinions ... Bush vs. Kerry. Both of whom are actively courting the 'important Hispanic vote' ... shouldn't everyone's vote be important? :)
* Weightlifting - how much should you lift to sculpt your body ... how about this - you need to consistently lift 60% of your MAX lift weight to get 'any' benefit.
* Gambling - good for you! ... well, good for old people.
* Thoughts on the upcoming Senatorial elections ... GOP to gain a few, maintain control? Probably not enough to prevent filibusters though :(.
* Fidel defeats Ivan ... strange.
* No fizz for coke? ... earnings down.
* Wanna live in the Antarctic? Here is your new house ...
* 9/11 search dogs NOT harmed by dust
* BE stock back up to $9 ... that is half of our IPO price!
* Some banks don't do security quite right ... sending out account PWs via SMS ... per FARK, what could possibly go wrong??
* House of Reps votes itself another (6th straight) raise ... soon to make $162k/year to spend what is left of our taxes. Only one spoke out against it, and amazingly he is a Democrat!! "Jim Matheson, D-Utah. "Now is not the time for members of Congress to be voting themselves a pay raise," he said. "Let us send a signal to the American people that we recognize their struggle in America's economy." ... "
* F-word good for morale?
* Russia to follow Israel's lead in how to deal with Terrorists!

*TRUE: Make money playing poker online ... TJ's dream job, if only he were qualified.
* Cheney returns to Crystal Lake
* Kerry planning December surprise ... too little, too late
* Hurricanes caused by Weather Machine
* Yankees Lose to Indians 287 to 0, Suffer Three Deaths ... just for you, Chris B.!
* Kerry Win Could Mean Increase In Terror Attacks, Rapes, Puppy Murders, Says Cheney
* Democrat, Republican Attack Machines Square Off on Battlebots TV Show

OriginalEmoo: haha someone lost her bronze medal for cycling cuz she failed doping test
OriginalEmoo: if i end up taking drugs to perform better i am not getting my ass kicked by 2 people who didnt

Click for SWEET NOAA pic of Ivan - 1900x1200!

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