News: ... Happy 3-month BD Riley!
... did you see yesterday's post, about Riley rolling over??!!
... Oh, and Happy BD to Ray Charles
* Oil being released from USA's SPR
* Jeanne death toll in Haiti could reach 2000! ... current track here (all up in Florida's grill late Sat/into Sun) ... meanwhile, Ivan is still kicking around as well
* Iraqi PM thanks US ... vows on-time elections ... "Today, we are better off, you are better off, the world is better off without Saddam Hussein," Allawi said. He added: "Your decision to go into Iraq was not an easy one, but it was the right one."
* MORE on the Oil for Food debacle ... including Iraqi ties to al-Qaeda!
* Two Italian hostages (probably)killed in Iraq
* Tax cut extension (will be) approved ... "The measure approved (by the House-Senate Committee, not the real vote yet) Wednesday night will keep the child tax credit at $1,000. It also continues an expanded 10 percent tax rate that lowers tax bills for virtually all taxpayers and continues to offer married couples tax savings."
* Most financial sites are buggy, aid phishing scams! ... and I wonder why the phishing scams are increasing @ 50%/per month ... Hmmm.
* Oil easing back just a bit ... finally.
* Edwards seems to think we are distracted from the war against al-Qaeda ... these would indicate otherwise!

* Forget the rats, dogs can smell bladder cancer (for explanation of rats comment read yesterday's post)
*Patch your Windows/Office! ... do it, and do it soon :)
*Related: Colorado DMV down for three days now due to bugs (not the .jpg bug ... yet :P )
* Monster Garage + Jeep Willy
* Some thoughts on Kerry's Iraq plan ... " IMAGINE if, in the presidential election of 1944, the candidate opposing FDR had insisted that we were losing the Second World War and that, if elected, he would begin to withdraw American troops from Europe and the Pacific." ... while I might not go so far as to call Kerry treasonous, I do deplore his Iraq plan (for escape, not victory)
* Another CEO goes down
* So-called Swing States ... swinging red?
* Life, Methane, etc.
* Some thoughts on Character Assassination
* See the new SBVFT ad here ... and read a review on that ad
* Now THAT is fast! ... "A quarter mile and 4.39 seconds later, the rider reached another marker. Loney did the math: 205.11 miles per hour" ... "pulled over and booked for reckless driving, driving without a motorcycle license and driving 140 mph over the posted speed" ... HAHAHAHHHAAHHAAAAA
* Ann Coulter, on Rather-gate ... another compare/contrast - Rather-gate forgeries vs. WMD 'forgeries.
* Are some loose cannons in the Democratic Party undermining Kerry ... undermining, or overshadowing?

* More Bush-Bashing ... lots of the usual blather, but what I get from this article is that Bush has the strength to stick to his decisions in the face of opposition, which is good! Also, "There is scant evidence to tie Saddam to terrorist organizations" ... um, read the above Oil for Food link - that alone indicates a high probability of financial ties between Iraq and al-Qaeda. Suck it, Blue.
* Auntie Pinko (again - her name, not mine!)... always an amusing read (if you can actually stomach her drivel) ... among other bass-akward thinking, she is endorsing the "we don't really love our candidate, but we do really dislike the other one" theory on how Kerry will win.

*TRUE: Sweet photos ... :)
*TRUE: Votergasm ... NICE!
* reminds me of Chappelle's 'I know Black People' skit ...
* Glad we don't have to pay for that!
* Next gen 'Slick' iPod ... ""Editors' Choice 2006! Why even test it?" shrieked one reporter as spittle flew from his mouth"
* U.N. Election Monitors Think Elections A Good Idea
* Drug problem due to parents always leaving me Home, Alone
* Rather still insists that Bush is an alien
* Cat Stevens - that is not the moon shadow, that's the CIA
* Parenting via Post-Its
* Cat Stevens vows to sing again ... I think that is a threat, dude.

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