News: ... Sarah Allen is 30 today, point and laugh!
* US NID / reformation bill unveiled
* Tax breaks approved .. more money for me(since I have a baby now), and a better economy for all!
* Florida + Jeanne, Texas + Ivan ... (Jeanne to land on Sunday AM)
* Oil touches $49 ... dammit, again.
* The Forbes Billionaire's list ... What recessions? 313 NEW Billionaires this year. Gates still #1, even after giving away $28B.
* Kerry's inability to do math ... well, unless he raises our taxes by $2k+ per household! ... Another excellent article - "raising taxes is the antithesis of fiscal discipline" & "John Kerry, despite an unwavering twenty-year record of support for high-calorie federal-spending binges, now promises to keep spending in check"
* Kerry - admitting defeat in Arizona?
* Tightening Air-travel security up ... stricter enforcement on 'no fly' list
* Task Force 626 established ... shh, be vewy vewy quiet - I'm hunting al-Zarqawi

* Ovarian transplant yields baby!
* Top Ten Tips for Bush
* Some #'s for how screwed up Social Security really is ... time to scale it back!
* Some thoughts on why Kerry is slipping ... from an anti-Bush Republican. "John Kerry is a lousy candidate". Very amusing and well thought out, even if you are not politically motivated/interested.
* Dinosaur : 'suction feeder' found
* Harvest Moon - September 28th ... and a Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse on October 27th.
* Jeep vs Hummer .. in sales, not off-road (where the Jeep would clearly win!). The H3 and Commander = the first time these two have had a similar price and target market. Go Jeep, Go! ... more here
* Camera that can see through fog, dust, etc.
* Cost of WiFi going up? ... damn IP lawsuits.
* Howard Stern, blathering on about wanting Kerry to win, quotes internet hoax as fact ... regarding Bush's IQ, link goes to debunking (and amusing cartoon). Note that the debunking is over the report, not the issue - the site linked to believes the results but not the source.
* All I want is a fricking mouse with a fricking laser on it's head ... or mounted inside will work.
* Kerry, way back in 1997, "made the case for launching a pre-emptive attack against Iraq" and said "We know we can't count on the French. We know we can't count on the Russians," ... now, of course, he says we should not have invaded and that we should count of France, Russia. Ahem, Waffle. Hey, and more on France and Russia here ... oh, and this is how Kerry encourages foreign leaders to cooperate
* Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ... online episodes.

Claims large corporations are leaches on society ... and calls US an oligarchy-to-be. Says the poor are getting poorer (false), the rich are getting richer(partially true - but more people are joining the 'rich' class as well), and uses slightly outdated/skewed #'s to make the points. Also says, in may more words, that our economy will collapse unless Kerry is elected ... The author fails to realize, or chooses to ignore, that to survive as a nation we need an industrial/commercial base: jobs to earn $ and stores to spend $. Oh, and for the most part - Yes, unions are bad.

*TRUE?: OnLine IQ test ... but they say mine is 156, "155 - 164 Genius Nobel Prize Winners" ... so take the results with a grain of salt :P
*TRUE Coming to theaters soon - Michael Moore Hates America ...HA!
* Kerry addresses the UN in igpa atinla
*TRUE: License Plates : GOTMILF?
*NSFW!NSFW - Vote Bush, Kerry's a _____

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