News: ... Bush interview on O'Reilly factor tonight.
* US seizes 30,000lbs of Cocaine ... Cocaine is a powerful drug.
* Oil making a push for a new record? ... $.03 short of matching record ... DAMN! (Blames Hurricanes, security problems in Saudi, and potential supply problems in Nigeria & Russia) ... UPDATE:OIL BREAKS RECORD ... UPDATE: AGAIN ... and possibly to continue upwards (and heating oil price going to hit some of us hard this year too)
* WMDs were being smuggled out of Iraq as we were preparing to invade ... interesting possibility, developing ...
* UN : Not even trying to fight terrorism
* Singh to make $10M this year? ... has already surpassed Tiger in single-year earnings.
* Personal space flights in 2007
* F9/11 re-release fails to break top 20 ... or top 30 ... Moore Sucks; an average of 7 people per showing!
* More Wars?
* St. Helens 'hazardous event' impending
* Carter : Voting in Florida not acceptable ... repeat of irregularities "seems likely"
* Thune could replace Daschle .. that would be great!!
* New House Sales jump 9.4%

* Martha 'lucky number'
* Barak Obama is pro-Preemptive strikes! ... I agree, but still don't think he should be elected :P
* The Perfect (cosmic) Storm
* 58M Americans pay $0 taxes ... and Kerry says the poor are being hammered??!
* Kerry : Very detail oriented ... too much so, suffers 'analysis paralysis'. And has only really faced one re-election challenge EVER. And mentions the previously posted item about Kerry arguing FOR attacking Iraq in 1997, against the wishes of the UN!
... (Oh, and he has no personal beliefs/values and no backbone :))
* Some thoughts on College Tuition ... Q: Why is it so expensive? A: Supply & Demand, stupid! (and a dash of "We charge what the market is willing to pay")
* A Burp Vaccine ... wives everywhere are signing their husbands up
* More on pipelining ... if you are into that kind of thing.
* Britney not really married ... yet; "Nothing, of course, screams romance more than a notary public"
* 1TB Optical Storage ... nice! (but not as nice as the 100TB trick)
* New way to store nuclear waste - geomelting? ... economic, safe, lasts 200k years ... more nuclear power plants, please!
* Big asteroid, near Earth ... no movies or devastation to expected.

* Non-Pro-Kerry Democrat : Talks about the Democrats tying Nader up in court, denying ballot access, etc ... if you can't fight a fair fight, sue! ... Also talks about how bad the author thinks Iraq is doing, and : "John Kerry ... mumbles absurdly about the need to involve America's allies in the occupation, which sounds like General Custer wiring the Canadians to come help him turn the tide at the battle of the Little Bighorn." ... HAHAHHA
* They are trying to defend Kerry's attitude on abortion ... He wants to keep it legal, but says he is personally against it ... mentions kerrywrongforcatholics.com, which has quite a collection of not-leftist bullet items. (Mentions Kerry saying the Vatican should not attempt to guide Catholics ... !!??)
* Google-hack - see what people are photocopying
* "Conservative Idiots" ... and remember, according to them, if you are conservative you are a liar, delusional, on hallucinogenic drugs, hypocritical, a nut-job, cuckoo and (as the title implies) an idiot. DU: Please reference the definition of ad-hominem. This from people who are PROUD to be on the failing+atrocious Air America.
*Sidenote: ... but millions of Americans learned long ago that there are probably more liberals on Fox than conservatives on PBS, NPR, CBS, ABC, and NBC combined — and the former are honest about politics in a way the latter are not.

*Eddie: Dolphins are sucking Hurricanes towards Florida
* ... This kid is going to pay for itself in ten years ... hmm, I doubt that!!
* Curfew will conflict with Edwards ability to be VP
* Kerry is Osama's long-lost twin
* Blockbuster launches Book Rental service
* 100k's Floridians filing for emergency hair-spray relief
* The worst rock-stars ever
* OOTS#106 released today ... for D&D players.

* Polymorph spells, fixed ... I think we should use these! ... actually, http://www.giantitp.com is a great site! (especially the comic - OOTS rulez!)

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