News: ... Spaceballs2! ... FOXNEWS ... HELENs ...
* Jack Daniel's is lowering the proof of its Whiskey from 86 to 80 ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, say it ain't so!
* Yemen to execute the 'masterminds' of the attack on the USS Cole
* Decided who to vote for yet? ... good thoughts, and you should (as always) realize the bias of the source (very right(which is good, BTW)).
* Networks have issues with the debate rules
* West Nile virus kills man in Fairfax
* Phil Spector : Murderer? ... "Phil Spector compared the prosecution team ... to dictator Adolf Hitler and "Star Wars" villains" ... HAHAHHA
* Fannie Mae having problems, could cause home buyers some heartache!
* The Anti-Pilot laser? ... accident in Salt Lake City
* Bagle virus, the joke ... not really funny. In related news, Hackers use porn to target Microsoft JPEG hole
*Spaceballs2!Spaceballs2!Spaceballs2!Spaceballs2! ... finally!
* Kobe's ex-accuser now 8 weeks pregnant? ... "met the father at a rehab center in Boca Raton"; the old "score with mentally injured woman" move (or, she is just a whore - you pick).
*FOXNEWS beats all other rivals, COMBINED! ... go FOX!
*Mid-Air axe attack (Norway)
* SpaceShipOne into space (again)
*DC +1 Baseball team ... good, I suppose. Although traffic won't get any better!
* Martha to serve in W. VA ... court denies request to stay in CT. GOOD, why should she get to request a prison?? ... it is "Camp Cupcake", so not like it will hurt her or anything
* IBM Super-Computer now on top ... "The margin by which Blue Gene/L overtook the Earth Simulator is small, but the machine is much smaller, and more efficient to run, IBM says. Blue Gene/L's footprint is one per cent that of the Earth Simulator, and its power demands are just 3.6 per cent of the NEC supercomputer." Sidenote - this puts the US back on top, baby!!
* Mass. Dem endorses Bush ... regarding Kerry:"at the end of the day, I can’t tell what he’s about"
* Some thoughts on the electoral vote ... and something Colorado is doing to modify how their part of the system works.
* Thoughts on the current coalition ... compared to, say, Korean Ware coalition
* Kerry did something right! .. but it also helps to show all of the things he does wrong!
* Amusing graphic on the voter distribution from the 2000 election ... Yes, Gore may have had more votes but look at the map and check out the square footage comparison 2.4M to 500k!
* Some reflections on the Internet Bubble
* More on the Deep Lake Water Cooling project/plan
* Mesa Verde mystery resolved ... ancient water management system!
* Memorable moments from past debates
* Who would have thought 86 acres was a small mushroom?? ... and mushrooms still suck, BTW!
* KerryPr0n! ... and other ways to destroy a candidate :)
* St Helens ... about to blow? Shouldn't be THAT big ... Advisory issued

*TRUE: Customers Suck
* Freshly unearthed public documents indicate large gaps in Bush's service as President
* Debate transcript released day early
* Radical storm seasons requires radical measures ... "sawing off the state from Panama City to Jacksonville ... we can bend the state backward into the Gulf and shove it up the Mississippi"
*TRUE: Unfortunate MS ad placement
*TRUE: Vmail hacked, message hilarity ensues!
*TRUE: Think your job sucks? ... check these out.
* Ichiro slumps, only 4 hits ... "Anything less than perfection is unacceptable. Boone can play like a girl-child if he wants, but I am a professional."
* Animal Rights Activists step in, take place of animals in experiments ... if only it were that easy ...
*BABY: Blurry Hand syndrome and Teething is a pain in the kisser
* Vote Ackbar; certified trap free!
* The severe damage caused in Sweden by a recent storm ... graphic picture! (not really)

Now, If only I was a woman I would be a Silly Flirt ...
What Kind of FLIRT are you?

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