* Bush : More tax cuts for working families .. hey, that's me! Sweet!
* Some truths about Iraq
* St Helens building up pressure again?
* Kerry and his Global Test ... and note the Kerry voted against the First Persian Gulf War (and FOR the second!)
* House report will indicate France, Russia in the Oil for Food debacle ... directly supporting Saddam (and Osama).
* Bomb in India kills 18
* Some foreign reactions to Kerry ... and yes, I know that (according to most sources) "the world prefers Kerry"; to which I would add " - but for all the wrong reasons"
* US Airways still bankrupt, but trying to get that taken care of ... $300M in givebacks from pilots.

* Pricing for the 2005 Unlimited Rubicon Wrangler
* Scalia was joking about orgies
* Thoughts on the Dems slide down ... even if they do manage to win the Presidency
* Gates:"We have nothing to fear from Overseas Tech"
* Living without Oxygen? ... and it involves alcohol! Winner!
* Springsteen betrays America ... well, he calls it "Vote for Change" :)
* The Ultimate House, by Dilbert+Readers
* Japonium discovered ... dense!

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