* MS Released 10 patches today, 7 are critical ... 2 of the 10 effect WinXPsp2 ... one of those 2 are 'critical' ... dammit.
* China in cahoots with Iraq as well ... add to the list of France, etc.
* Supreme Court to decide (next year) how legal the 10 Commandments are ... see the link below about 'things that are wrong with this country', and add to that list the fact that this is even an issue. Isn't it bad enough that they have been removed from schools?
* More Oil badness ... a strike in Africa is not helping the situation. Oil actually touched $54/barrel (and stayed there). Damn Oil. ... more here ... and More here, also talks about the possibility of expensive Oil causing a recession
* Coalition forces on the offensive in Iraq ...
* Some thoughts on Hypocrisy ... why Democrat leadership (and followers) say "Stolen Honor" cannot be aired but F9/11 can ...
* France NOT surrendering to mobile phones - cel jammers to be installed. More reasons to not like the French. Oh yeah, BOYCOTT FRANCE.
* Kofi Annan determined to make UN even less relevant ... "It was only the latest in a long line of blunders by Annan, whose leadership on the world stage, from Rwanda to Iraq to the Sudan, has proven a spectacular failure."
* This is an example of what's wrong in our country - "Boy fatally stabs mom : Fight about girlfriend prompts attack after which 15-year-old takes her car, gun and digs grave for body" ... then again, atleast he didn't use a crossbow to shoot his 79 year old mother ... over her will, of all things. And then claims he has a mental disorder (obviously!). And, here is something wrong with other countries - like Japan, which has internet suicide pacts ...
* London hit by 'flu epidemic' .. probably not a good sign of what is to come, especially with the vaccine shortage we have right now. (beware the FUD / hype!)
* Folic acid can lower risk of High Blood Pressure ... in addition to reducing the rate of birth defects
* Pakistan test fires missile ... "nuke capable"
* Science disagrees with Kerry/Edwards ... Edwards, predictably, said "When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again." Science, in response, says "Shut up, sit down and do some research". OK, not quite worded that way ... but the sentiment is there. "John Edwards and John Kerry -- panderers until the end." ... and for those so inclined, read the comments section - some refute (or just attempt to?) the attack on Kerry/Edwards. I would respond : a)not all stem cells are the same, Adult vs. Embryonic b)they didn't address the issue of reversing scarred damage vs. recent damage c)they didn't answer the ethical question of baby killing to save lives.
* Germany softening stance on Iraqi troop deployment? ... note that "If a democratically-elected Iraqi government were to ask the UN for support, the international community, including Germany, must be in a position to respond" ... that means (to me) that who our President is is not the key concern ...

* Very enlightening look at the long-term population growth issue ... not just in the US, but globally
* Bush's tax cuts not big enough? ... I agree!
* More comments on Kerry's 'acceptable levels of terrorism' comment ... and an excellent response to Kerry's statement! ... and more here
* Democrats, the party of peace(?), vandalizing another Bush campaign office ... Here is a letter from BC04 to the AFLCIO about these types of occurrences, and other voter intimidation tactics
* Good, Conservative Blog ... tagline = "Removing Liberal Waste from the American Bloodstream" ... HAHAHHA ... has posts likethis comparison of the candidates ... SWEET!
* Ready to sleep your way through space? ... human hibernation
* The ongoing effort to hack the Linksys NSLU2 ... make it do your laundry (well, not yet .. maybe soon!)
* Origins of different sayings
* Smog hits record LOW ... and pollution hotspots mapped from space ... (cool pic)
* Interesting Political Conversation in the StumbleUpon forums ... mostly Pro-Kerry, but I am working on that :P ... if you haven't tried SU; it is an 'interest based browser add-on (for IE) give it a whirl - Installer Here ... my handle is trejrco.

*TRUE: REDvsBLUE Season 3 has now started!
* Fellowship 9/11 ... what a great way to have some fun, at Moore's expense, and watch some LOTR all at the same time! Thanks Anna! (Hey - and as I save port this, it is 09:11!)
* Yesterday's OOTS now available
*Hopefully True: Bush wins the election
* Interview with Steve Jobs ... foil fairies and dragons for everybody!
* Nader to foil Afghan vote
* Working on an eBomb ... and eDefenses for convoys
* Now introducing the President's clone - Bizzaro Bush
*True: Ghost Recon 2 will allow gamers to experience the 'Future Force Warrior' body armor, helmet and weapon systems. Sweet! I only wish our (real) troops would get this sooner ...
* Did the Jedi have it coming? ... a thought provoking question, and well presented :)
* Wild animal creations ... like FARK's photoshop contests!

PS - I object to Sinclair's forced showing of Stolen Honor; not because I object to the content (in fact, I am interested in seeing it at some point - if it is ever on TV / available free of charge) but because I think it would not be fair nor balanced to force stations to play it. I hope stations decide to play it at some point, but being forced to is not right. In fact, I wrote an email to three of the higher-ups @ SBG:
"Good Morning!
While I whole-heartedly support Bush/Cheney and want any and all information about all of our candidates to be made public, I am concerned that you (forcibly) presenting one side of the story may cause more of a backlash than it counters.
I know that I, for one, would be quite irate if you were to, for example, play F9/11 … and I can only imagine that those who support Kerry/Edwards will feel quite similar about this playing. I am NOT comparing "Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal" to F9/11 by any stretch of the imagination, and would guess (but do not know for sure) that it is just a tad bit more factually correct that Mr. Moore’s uninformed, biased, inaccurate drivel."


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