* US destroys Fallujah arms dump ... keep up the good work!
* Dow & Oil both suck! ... Dow fell nearly 108pts! (@52wk low), Oil at all time high.
* Some thoughts on Kerry's global test ... Kerry:"No nation will ever have a veto over us" ... Interpretation:"but the United Nations will"
* Voices of Iraq .. by Iraqis, for the world.
* NC executes spree killer ... he has officially been deterred from ever killing again.
* Spitzer to target Record Labels next? ... while his battle against the insurance industry is gaining steam
* A fabric that is only one atom thick
* Jews for Bush, and why ... for balance, Muslims for Kerry - well, against Bush anyway.
* Boston PD, responding to rowdy crowd, kills 21 year old ... condolences to her family and friends. Sidenote:When a riot is occurring, and cops show up, it is probably a good time to LEAVE (although it appears that she was not in a violent area, but still ... )
* Russia to OK Kyoto ... more here
* Women going to War?
* O'Reilly's accuser to cut a deal ... possibly to pay her $100k+ in debt (unconfirmed, but makes the story more interesting)
* Taiwan going WiFi? ... yes, the whole island.
* USB flash drive with integrated Biometric auth ... a vision of how things should be, assuming it works properly!
* Dems holding out hope to retake majority in Senate? ... let's hope not! :)
* Ann Coulter gets Pied ... ah yes, Democrats - the party of peace :).
*Riley went to the pool, and for the first time went underwater!

*POLLS:RCP shows 2 way race = Bush@ +3.3 and 3 way race = Bush @ +2.8 ... GO BUSH!
* An Open Letter to the Undecided Voter (Pro-Bush)
* Andrew Sullivan on Iraq ... some positive info, and some worrying ...
* Kerry - post turtle? ... HA, I have never heard that term before!
* Mouse forces rethink of Down Syndrome's cause
* More on the Lunar Eclipse - Oct 27th
* Some thoughts on fiscal responsibility in Washington ... and how both parties are failing us.
* Some thoughts on Kerry's campaign
* Some thoughts on Outsourcing ... I don't quite agree with this 100%, and I would also add that outsourcing exposes you to political instability (e.g. - India)
* Why Clinton won't be the next UN SG
* More on Moore ... Matty & Trey blew him up (well, in effigy) for a reason
* Speaking of Moore ... LONG dissections of Moore's lies
* Yahoo buys Bloomba ... desktop search the next big target? Email kinda big too.
* Teresa apologizes to Laura ... but has not apologized to stay-at-home moms?
* Some Canadians are right
* Novel (controversial?) Fertility surgery
* Autonomous spacecraft ready for test
* Mars rovers - one stronger, one going lame?
* Coburn has momentum ... let's hope he pulls out a victory!
* The saving of Cassini
* Thoughts on Kerry ... might seem trivial, but the underlying persona this seems to indicate is troubling in a (potential) world leader ...

* SimBush+SimKerry ... disturbing.
* The Tick endorses Bush ... SPOON! ... other similar "endorsements" here, at the Heroes for Bush Roundup
* Steinbrenner acquires a nuclear weapon
* Metrosexual factor aids BoSox
* Kerry has always been a condescending and uninteresting prick
* A couple quick jokes
* Gravity Launch ... COOL; I beat all 5 - can you?
* O'Reilly calling Martha (in prison)
* Airborne Laser ... not airborne, not lasing
* Ordering from Dell ... a bad experience?
*TRUE: Petition for Kennedy to resign

I will be out of town all weekend, expect no updates :(

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