* US & Iraqi forces on the offensive ... 100+ insurgents (and, sadly, 1 American) killed in Samarra ... another article here
* Oil closes above $50 ... first time. Dammit.
* St Helens starting to erupt? .. UPDATE: RELEASING PLUME NOW - is this the big one? (Well, considering that this one won't be a BIG one) ... UPDATE: All done? ... 20 minutes of smoke+ash+steam
* Suicide bomber kills 21 in Pakistan
* Death toll from Darfur ... "horrific"
* Embryonic Stem Cell Research ... what I get from this is that they don't need govt funds, private funds are (as they should be) adequate to get this technology through the experimental phase. PS - There are better alternatives than killing babies. Cali should not approve Prop71!
* Some thoughts on Kerry's N. Korea plan
* Anti Gay-Marriage amendment fails in the House
* PeopleSoft -1 CEO
* IM-Worm attempts to exploit GDI flaw ... still more rumor than threat, but when functional it will be BAD!
* Construction hits ALL TIME high! ... what recession?
* US -1 Cybersecurity chief
* Bush's reelection HQ in WashState burglarized ... is Kerry trying to steal the election?* Lori Hackings remains = found

* Drinking is good for your memory! ... (gulp) ... What was I talking about again?
* Robots in blood to deliver drugs ... cool, but I seem to recall a SciFi movie or 30 about this ...
* Lunar Eclipse on Oct 27th! ... 10:23 EST = totality begins ... and wouldn't Oct 31st have been better? (We need to work on our scheduling!)
* Portable Playstation!
* Preparing for Space War
* HP kills its Utility Data Center .. .marketing miracle, revenue black hole?
* Fake Gynecologist busted
* Review of Michael Moore Hates America
* Surfer takes ride on whale
* Ozone hole shrinks!

* RNC releases "Kerry vs Kerry debate footage ... HAHAHHA in return, DNS launches Bush reactions" reel
*(from DrudgeReport.com):
Kerry stated: 'That's why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there.' (Driving home point that Bush as not done enough to protect the country.)
Truth: The NYC subway did not close at all during the convention, according to a report on cable outlet NY1, even though Penn station was shut for several hours...
*(Also from DrudgeReport.com): ... despite what they say to the cameras, Kerry's people admit the debate was a draw!
"Unbeknownst to Kerry adviser Mike McCurry, a C-SPAN camera quietly followed McCurry as he found Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart on Spin Alley floor and asked him his impression of the debate. Lockhart candidly said to McCurry , “The consensus is it was a draw.”"
*media polls give the debate to Kerry, by ~15% ... Personally, I think Kerry did come off better but his message(s!) are still wrong! Bush's people are saying he was exhausted from consoling Florida's storm victims (I can feel the spin from way up here!).
* And some think Bush really won
* Kerry lied about not lying
* Another source that says Kerry won

* Dilbert - stock options for mgmt
* The Bible in Legos! ... link goes to 'latest additions'; funny even for non-religious types!
No more funnies yet ... still too busy, maybe later! ... or not, maybe tomorrow or Sunday.

PS - we found out that Madchen has 'significant' hip displacia and degenerative arthritis ... starting her up on meds, and getting a surgical consult in a month or so :(.

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