News: ... Presidential Debate #2 tonight!
* Manila, Philippines +1 earthquake ... estimated @ 6.4-6.6 ... more here
* Islam-o-fascists murder UK Hostage ... all the more reason to become more resolute in our dealings with these insurgents! Our prayers go out to his friends, family and countrymen.
* Jobs report below expectations, only +96k .. but still positive growth, and unemployment still at 5.4% (that is a respectable #, BTW)
* Oil got up to $53, retreated a bit ... and stocks start up, trying to recover from yesterday's 1% drop
* Mt St Helens cannot make up mind, 'loaf' has risen 100' ... the loaf has risen, does that mean the bread is ready?
* Indonesia's embassy in Paris bombed ... 10 wounded. Let me say, that although I sincerely do not wish pain/death to anyone (except people that cut me off, but that is another story) hearing about terrorist action IN FRANCE will hopefully spur them to join the civilized world in fighting terror; in Iraq and worldwide! Agreement here ... and we should still BOYCOTT FRANCE for their betrayal of the world (not just the US) by action/inaction with/against Iraq!
* New Site! Republican Films :) ... direct link to a mini-film showing lots of Clinton's quotes about the THREAT IRAQ POSED TO THE US, and to the world; and saying he also believed Iraq had WMDs ... quote from Clinton:"Saddam has spent the better part of this decade ... developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons" ... EXCELLENT!
* Bush/Cheney left off of ballots ... WTF; how do you overlook that?
* MS Word +1 Vulnerability
* The ultimate self-defense weapon - Credit Card sized firearm ... "They are very effective at five to 10 feet. They're absolutely useless at 20 feet"
* SANS has updated the Top 20 InfoSec problems list! ...actual list here
* Ricky Williams, tired of tokin' up, now wants to rejoin the Dolphins! (Hi Eddie!)
* Taiwan now owns the worlds tallest building - Taipei 101
* LA Times columnist calls Bush the worst President in American history ... you can smell the vapidness, partisanship, bitterness and lack of morals from the east coast. Yes, those are ad-hominem attacks ... but in response to the same :).
* US West to suffer from epic droughts ... a drought of 20th level or higher? :)
*UPDATE: Sun not -$1B, only -$92M ... that's quite a savings!
* EU subsidies to Airbus justifies US terminating deal
* Google solves the case! ... with the help of a determined Washington State Patrol Officer.

* At Montgomery General Hospital, doctors cannot afford malpractice insurance. Thanks to lawyers like Edwards! ... Oh yeah, and Hi Greg/Mike/Owen.
* Rasmussen polls put Bush lead at highest ever ... however, Electoral Vote shows Bush in a downward slide for the last day or three - Bush@264, Kerry@253 ... 270 needed to win ... UPDATE:EV shows Bush @ 239, Kerry @ 280 ... WTF? (Did they reverse the numbers??)
* Wolverine, the movie ... if they do it right, it will be sweet! Semi-related note: an animated Fantastic Four series in the works
* Solar Eclipse to Start Thursday, End Wednesday! ... just a partial, and not visible from Eastern US ... just interesting in that it ends the day before it starts :)
* Some thoughts on the radical left, Brown Shirts rising
* Some thoughts on the privatization of Social Security
* How to turn your video camera into a webcam
* Some thoughts on the Iraq War ... and some comments on Kerry's no-plan
* More thoughts on Saddam, Iraq, WMDs ... "As it turns out, Oil-for-Food pretty much was Saddam Hussein's weapons program" ... HAHAHHA
* Some thoughts of Free Trade .. and jobs creation
* Some thoughts on the Environment - Kerry, Bush and you
* Lightweight armor for Humvees ... from Ohio! Hi Mark, Hi Jenny.
* Global Climate + 15 degrees in < 100 years?
* The A-Z Guide to satisfying sex
... speaking of sex: The smell that arouses women (the smell of a big ole wad of 20's?)
... speaking of sex: Protect Your Scrotum!
* A colling glove increases your endurance?
* The Smart microcar. Really small, gets 70mpg. Probably very crushable in an accident?
* Why do we dream? ... here comes the science (Thanks FARK)
* Is personality influenced by birth order?
* Can you wash your car with .3 liters of water? ... well, China can. ... actually, I solve the problem by not washing my car - Dirt is good for Jeeps! ... no word on how to water lawn more efficiently ...
* Online HTML test-editor/viewing thingie
* ASCII generator ... COOL!
* Pro-Nuclear Space ... interesting!
* Discover your ecological footprint ... mine is 51 acres; meaning if everyone was like me we would need 11+ planets ;)
* Vote Smart - LOTS of info!

* Getting old? Feeling out of touch? Need to know what that 'kid' just called you ... go here.
* Kerry makes it a FULL DAY without mentioning Vietnam
* Bush's 'excuse letter' ... wrong, but funny!
* Four Word Film Review
* Elton John criticizes Mt St Helens
* Merck replaces Vioxx with Pla-C-Bo
* Teenager Finally Broken Of Non-Smoking Habit
* Wait-list drives man postal
*TRUE: Your odds of dying
* Cushion-Fort Prisoner Abuse
* Dilbert:My theory is that you are either morons or drunk ... I've had that feeling before.
* The Triangle Theory ... why no-one is responsible for their own actions (ahem)
* Why people are switching to Kerry
*TRUE: Excellent illusions
*TRUE?: MS Wish List

*Post of the Day:
eddo: What's the job application to Hooters?
eddo: They just give you a bra and say: Here, fill this out?
... thx BASH

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... Have a Great Weekend!


Fast Guy said...

Bush left off the ballot. Now wouldn't that be nice. ;)

TJ said...

Its actually kinda sad ... aside from the fact that (obviously) I am pretty much Pro Bush, it is a sad state of affairs when something as important as a ballot for an election (especially a national one, for President no less!) has apparently NO QA process. Anyway, let's appreciate the humor in it and just be happy it was a very small sample, and *should* be corrected for the most part.