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(Since I was lazy/busy no updates were posted over the weekend, so some of these are a day or two old)
* 2 US Soldiers killed in Rocket attack .. 5 since Friday. Our prayers go out to their families, friends and brothers-in-arms.
* ABC busted; pro Kerry and willing to distort reporting
* Oil at (new) record (again) ... more here ... heading for $54 ...
* St Helens to blow up, 1980's style? ... or sit idle for years?
* Iraq:Weapons are being turned in ... let's hope peace starts breaking out :) ... more here
* Afghanistan holding elections! Women voting too! ... more here
* More Stormie action down south ... Louisiana +1 Tropical Storm
* Bush wins second Debate ... more comments here ... and more comments here, as well ... and some thoughts specifically about Kerry's botched answer to the abortion question
* Spam hits 60%
* Washington (state) teen survives 8 days in wrecked car
* EU lifts sanctions from Libya
* Terrorists to attack US 'Heartlands'? ... sabotage on power gird components.

* Some thoughts on Kerry's analogy between Terrorism and Prostitution ... and some comments on Kerry's "we want to make Terrorism nothing more than a nuisance" blunder
* Announcing Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
* Genetic switch turns off cancer?
* Top 5 equations of all times ... want to make you brain hurt? (It is interesting anyway!)
* Martian Earthquakes
* Some thoughts on polls
* CO2 levels takes an unexpected jump upwards ... with the disclaimer that 2 years is not enough
* Building blocks for Quantum Computers
* Some thoughts on how small businesses are taxed .. and why raising the taxes on them will suck!
* A downside to automatic bill payments ... man was dead for 2 years and no-one noticed!
* More Black Hole goodness
* Some thoughts on Saudi Arabia
* Find out your IP, user agent, referrer, etc. ... better that whatismyip.com!
* Some polling #'s ... as mentioned (VoteMaster) still shows Kerry=270, Bush=248 (which I think, and hope) is quite off)

* New OOTS today! .. or atleast, there will be ... currently 'running late' :)
* Kodak vs. Sun case
* Election Canceled
* Moore preparing for 8 minute hunger strike
* Iraqi PM forget English words for Beheading, Insurgents, Trouble
* World President Wrestling
* Discount Submarine Warehouse ... Canada interested
* Lima shuts out the Cards, shows O face on field
*TRUE: A decent XMEN video game?
* What (social) virii are you infected with?
* A collection of guttural moans from comics ... too funny!
*True? White Trash Cookin'!
* Google's PigeonRank ... how Gooooogle really works
*TRUE: Pictures of Nuclear Explosions ... nice!

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