*... and Daschle is out!!
*... and GOP holds onto Congress too!
*... and Moore is a BIG FAT LOSER ... just like Kerry, Edwards, the Media, the exit Pollsters ... :) ... more winners & losers here
* Vote2004 County by County, 96% RED! ... Vote2000

News: ... you saw that BUSH WON, right!!??
* Dani's surgery went well, now recovering. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery!
* Watch South Park AND Drawn Together on Comedy Central - they both ROCK!
* Metro trains collide ... minor, except for the delays :)
* What media bias?
* No Click Phishing! ... more here
* Bush to be a unifier
* Gulf War Syndrome = REAL
* UAE replacement President chosen
* Major Vote complaint/audit FOIA claim made ... this is the fun we have to look forward to, for the next ~month. (Don't get me wrong - I hope the results have been vetted and that the truth comes out, if it isn't already out :) )
* Some thoughts on N. Korea
* 13TB of RAM!
* More hostages taken
* Hungary out of Iraq
* Vote-Or-Di-nevermind ... big ole flop
* President Bush scheduled a victory announcement in Washington today
* "What's Next" ... Everyone has voted, but the election is far from over.
* White House : "We Win"!
* Edwards:We will fight for every vote ... in court, naturally.
* 10 states against gay marriage ... but Cali's Prop71 passes :(
* Iraqi Education Ministry bombed
* Stocks up ... but * Oil up as well ... back over $50, damn.
* Yukos going bankrupt
* Putin says Bush win means U.S. not scared of terror
* World leaders hail Bush's re-election, call for healing of global divisions over Iraq

* The Origin of Cosmic Rays ... more here
* I am the Republican Party ... aka, Why Kerry Lost
* Decomposing body to be shown on TV
* The death of stupid election sayings
* New Game Show - Name That Rapist?
* The origins of your nose
* And Karzai wins in Afghanistan
* Compare & Contrast - America in 2000 and America in 2004
* Prometheus stealing from Saturn
* Fruits & Veggies good for heart, also good against cancer
* Earthquake forecasting becoming a reality
* Why can other countries reports election results SAME DAY, but we cannot? ... so sad, we MUST fix this!
* Some thoughts on animal toxin
* Compare & Contrast - Format C: vs rm-rf
* IBM/Sharp = 1MB flash / smart card with OS +AES built-in
* Kerry beat himself ... another Democrat that cannot admit that Bush is a good President!
* Red State:1, Kos:0 ... ""every one of the general election endorsees that Red State readers gave their money to went home victorious" ... "How did the 5,692 donors to the Kos Dozen do? They funded a half million dollars' worth of losers"
* Tarantino goes weird(er)
* More on the arctic warming
* Unsafe impotency pills
* Switzerland + RFID
* Test suggests bird flu may be in Hong Kong
* Moore mad ... posts mosaic picture of Bush, made up of images the dead. The phrase is "sour loser". Oh, and douche.
* MS + UK's NHS

* Want a really long free e-mail address?
* Bush declares Mission Accomplished
* Observers inspired by America's attempt to hold a public election
* Packers-Redskins game still "too close to call"
* Millions Of Americans Die From Not Voting
* Feminist admits getting offended by basically everything
* Chris Matthews Interviews Pat Robertson
* OBL looking to buy ad time in battleground states
* AD: Happy Ramadan, have some pork
* AD: Dasani ad mentions spunk?
* BABY: Flightless Birds, all steel

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