Election: ... GO VOTE(BUSH)! ... Do You know your polling location?

*Bigger version of the map above:
Current EV map!
* as of 22:30 - if all states already red, or leaning red, end up red BUSH is IN! (FL, WI, MI, OH, NM, CO, NH, AZ = all leaning red! (FL,NM,NH,MI='surprises'))

News: ... POLLS IN VA CLOSED - "too close to call" (damn!) (NEVERMIND - BUSH GOT VA!)
* I have now voted, in & out in under 5 minutes; Bush +1 Vote in VA! Also - Riley (4 months old) went to her first Presidential Election voting location!
* FLA (prelim) results...and... Ohio (prelim) results ... I know they are just preliminary #'s, but Bush is up in both (significantly so in FLA)! ... PA prelim #'s (no data there yet) ... Update:Bush now behind in Ohio :( ... no wait, he's in the lead again.
* ... Kerry leading in EARLY exit polls!? Let's reverse that! Vote BUSH! ... Some (biased?!) thoughts on FLA
* Car-Bomb in Iraq kills 12!
* SERIOUS Voting shenanigans in Philly! ... ballot stuffing? Truth still in questions, and amusingly - Kerry staffer:"Serious news will not appear first on the DRUDGE gossip website"! ... Drudge isn't a gossip site, douche! ... UPDATE: No Shenanigans here!
* Voting shenanigans in NJ ... let's throw some white powder around! (polls have re-opened now)
* Misc. Voting Shenanigans
* Some Republicans being disenfranchised in Chicago?
* Democrats slash Republican tires
* Ice Cream bribes for votes?
* VA-specific vote breakdown
* OBL : His goal is to bankrupt America ... good luck, buddy! (Full transcript of OBL video FINALLY released) ... MORE IMPORTANTLY: Osama wants Kerry elected
* Prayers for Chief Justice Rehnquist, who is apparently NOT returning to the Supreme Court due to ongoing thyroid cancer treatment
* Some last minute thoughts on Bush v Kerry
* Some more thoughts on Tora Bora ... and how Kerry lied!
* Democratic Voter Fraud harmed in Ohio! .. unless the Supreme Court intervenes, that is. Speaking of which - if you need to report Voter Fraud you can do so HERE, or by calling 1-888-610-8170.
* More Stupid Patents : International Online Commerce ... this has GOT to fail!!??
* Some of the recently-taken hostages have been released ... not the American, of course
* Aaron predicts a 305-233 electoral count victory for Bush ... I like those numbers better than Electoral-Vote.com's numbers :) ... oh, and Aaron throws in a quick Kerry-committed-war-crimes dig too.
* Terrorist(s) (presumably) strike again - Dutch film maker shot
* Keyes vs Obama ... sadly, it looks like Obama will win ... it is official, Obama trounced Keyes. Too bad. Let's hope Bush wins!
* Iranian leader confident about Nuclear resolution ... on the condition that they are permitted to continue! How does that help? .. UPDATE: Shouts of 'Death to America' in Iranian parliament during Nuclear Enrichment vote!
* US Soldier captured?
* Russian scientist surrendered Weapons-Grade Plutonium ... it was in his garage for the past 8 years.
* UAE President dies at 86
* Canada +1 Earthquake (6.7!)
* Alaska also voting on pot legalization
* Darfur going south?
* Woman holding hostage in NC ... didn't like her friend being fired! .. UPDATE: All but one released ... UPDATE:ALL RELEASED
* 4 pipelines hit in Iraq!
* Some observations - GOP battling to keep Senate* Third U.S. soldier pleads guilty in Abu Ghraib abuse case
* Marines prepping for action in Fallujah
* Gay Marriage proposals passing! ... including Ohio's, the strictest of the bunch!
* International Poll Watchers say we suck
* Some more thoughts on Global (arctic) warming

* Repost from yesterday:Kerry's Discharge was not honorable? (and I still don’t really agree with publishing this one day before the election … that is a bit underhanded, IMHO)
* Ranting Liberal, with responses from a Ranting Conservative :)
* Dirty tricks by the Democrats?
* Dirty tricks by the Democrats?
* Dirty tricks by the Democrats?
*Dirty tricks by the Democrats? (Not for Kerry this time, but still ... )
* ... and remember - Kerry will wait until we are attacked (again) to combat terrorism
* ... and Thune is ahead of Daschle(in SD)? Sweet! ... More on Daschle ... the smell of desperation?

* No Blood? No Problem! ... Go DARPA!
* Dexterous Telescope to record explosions
* Game that plays on wireless devices!
* Texas to secede from the Union if Kerry wins? ... HA! I love this guy!
* Magnetic Stars
* WiFi patient tags
* In-Breeding to kill off threatened species?
* Epson prints (literally) a 20 layer PCB
* Some thoughts on Iraq
* The not-too-relevant Hispanic Voting Bloc? ... atleast, for right now.
* Fast RC4 encryption/decryption on AMD64 CPUs
* Squaring the Circle
* MD5 reverse lookup
* FDA Approves Olive Oil as a heart disease preventative ... under certain circumstances. Or, maybe, you just need to be optimistic
* More reasons to VOTE BUSH

* Exit polls show that 100% of voters are exiting polls!
* Top 11 reasons to vote
* Azzam's Tape Subject To Severe Election Fines
* Bambino's cures = lifted, Mummy's Curse = still going strong
* Florida suffers electile dysfunction
* Florida to decide President by show of hands ... not too far off the mark :)
* Skank can't remember when things got out of hand
* Today's Dilbert - crushing Nanotechnology
* Baby: Movement Enabled
* Baby: Boss is Oral retentive
* An apology to Bush ... let's hope they are right about one thing - Bush winning! :)

Some thoughts from the net:
After the election results are in, I promise to:
: Support the President, even if I didn't vote for him.
: Criticize the President, even if I did vote for him.
: Uphold standards of civilized discourse in blogs and in media while pushing both to be better.
: Unite as a nation, putting country over party, even as we work together to make America better.

Some other thoughts from the net:
I hereby pledge that after the election is called, I will run naked through the streets, smeared with war paint, stinking of Jack Daniels and screaming obscenities at my neighbors.
I will do this even if my candidate wins because drunken, naked cursing is fun no matter who the president is.

... I can agree with both of those 'pledges'! Let me also say that if Bush does lose (which I don't believe will happen, and truly hope not) my only remaining hope will be that it is a wake-up call to the Republican party - get back to the Conservative roots you came from! Less spending, smaller government, etc.

... and Prayers/best wishes to/for Dani!
PS - only posting this because the name Ranieri is kinda rare, and I know some ... I doubt they are related it caught my eye nonetheless...

And, from National Review:
"Si non oscillas, noli tintinnare"
... which was engraved on a brass plate above the Playboy Mansion's doorbell. It means, "If you don't swing, don't ring."

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