* Fallujah : 70% retaken ... however, the resistance is increasing ... Metz:"I think we're looking at several more days of tough urban fighting" ... and hostage slaughterhouses found
* 2 relatives of Iraqi PM (Allawi) kidnapped ... or was it 3 members? ... either way, our prayers for the family and best wishes for a safe outcome!
* The Fed raised the rate ... and some thoughts on the reasoning for it
* Arafat : "in final stages of life" ... UPDATE: Arafat dead ... real this time? We'll see! No final word yet, but if/when he dies he will buried in Ramallah
* The Marines are 229 today! ... thanks to all of our armed forces for their service (whether current or in the past!) ... Hi Uncle Doug, Jeff, and T! ... and more here
* Oil down ... nearing $47/barrel ... closer to where it belongs (~$35)
* Woman kills her abusive, daughter-raping husband ... gets 'time served' ... mixed feelings on this one - yes, he was "a horrible human being" ... but he was a human, and murder is always bad
* ICANN enabling domain hijacking? ... that seems like a bad move
* More Democratic violence ... OK, so gloating about Bush's win is bad ... but beating him with a bat is FAR worse!
* Trade Gap narrow ... weak dollar helping ...
* DC to outlaw same-sex marriages
Click for story about missing two year old
... Have you seen me? ... 2 year old kidnapped by mother during custody dispute ... click on pic for story
* Google add POP3, SMTP ... sweet!
* Peterson -another juror ... two in the last week
* ... Rand Blazer, CEO of BearingPoint quit today!

* TennCare medical program being canned , as too expensive. TennCare was a testbed for HillaryCare, and a model for Kerry's health care reform plan.
* A Super-Pill? ... helps you fight heart disease, quit smoking and lose weight ... now if it would only help regrow hair, increase your paycheck and "grow" your (ahem) assets it would be a miracle! :)
* Found another black hole ... at the center of our galaxy
* Some thoughts on Iran
* MS entering Internet Search ... finally ... to be unveiled later this week
* Seeing an old Pulsar in a new light
* Some thoughts on the media vs. 'conservative minorities' ... what media bias?
* Some speculation on Ashcroft's replacement ... nevermind the speculation, Gonzales to replace Ashcroft ... first Hispanic AG ... Drudge:"Bush ha elegido Alberto Gonzales"
* Our moon = the gateway to Mars? ... good ISRU practice
* Legalizing illegals?
* More thoughts on Specter ... "politics trumps the Constitution on race"
* AOL splitting into 4 units ... Hi Kim!
* FCC : VoIP to be treated as an Internet-based tool , and therefore not subject to traditional state public utility regulation
* UK STDs +30%
* A brief look at Palm OS6.1
* VA Tech + Genomics
* Some thoughts on Arafat ... just a bit biased, but still amusing
* US -2 Tax Scammers ... pity their foolish clients
* Vitamin E - killing you? ... high doses of it, that is
* Seattle going all wireless as well ... WiMax baby!
* Cholesterol - an ally?

* RVB - 41 & 42 out now, 43 tonight! ... sponsorship only $10 ... STARTS USING HALO2 IN ep43!
* Some True, some just funny: Electrical current used to boost brain power
* Today's Dilbert ... technically, aren't we scum?
* Ashcroft named martian Ambassador ... "Leaves Justice Department After Justice Department Vanishes"
* Arafat : Disneyland burial approved
* Arafat : Not Dead ... shooting for world record in dead/not dead proclamations
* CNN intern blamed for (mis)naming picture of Bush
* Hillary, Osama and other Bush bashers celebrate Dubya's re-election
* NH residents choose death
* Bush promises to unite America ... "reports straight from the White House indicate that the President did not know the meaning of the word unite"
* Martha Stewart downplays prison ... and prison downplays Martha Stewart
* Ray Lewis to murder Terrell Owens ... and then pray for his soul
* The economically disadvantaged provided the decisive factor in the presidential election
* TRUE : What, its wrong to spank your employees?!
* TRUE : Miller beats on Dowd ... calls her a hussy

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