* Fallujah being 'stormed'! ... prayers for our troops, and for any peaceful civilians, to make it out unharmed!
* Iraq declares State of Emergency / martial law ... in response to > 50 being killed in the last 2 days ... expected to last for 60 days
* Iran says they have made a deal on Nuclear Power ... but refuse to release details ... WTF?
* Arafat -1 liver? ... or perhaps Arafat has AIDS ... biased speculation
* Clarence Thomas to be Chief Justice?

* Some truth on Stem Cells
* This man really didn't like Bush being re-elected ... killed himself @ Ground Zero ... and is it Michael Moore's fault?
* The x-ray machine that has x-ray vision
* Animated movies makes $70M+ in one weekend! ... now THAT is incredible :)
* Dollar going down some more
* No (product) return for you
* Moon +1 x-ray
* Ivory Coast - not such big fans of France ... maybe they have the right idea
* Field of ... Craters
* Some people still think Kerry won ... and more here
* Halo 2 reviews ... in short - Awesome
* Lefties think we are going backwards ... think in terms of religion vs. science, and get both wrong

... tomorrow!

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PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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