* Fallujah Invasion is ON! ... Operation Phantom Fury is full on, as of 11am EST
* ... Drudge/Fox:Ashcroft expected to resign soon ...
* ... FOX:Ditto-Powell ...
* ... WTOP:Ditto-Thompson...
* ... RedState:Ditto-Gillespie ... and after a bit Powell ...
* ... also RedState:Card staying, Black and Blackwill out already
* ... CHB : Rumsfeld to leave? Powell to stay? ...

* Older Fallujah notes : Fallujah assault has begun ... in case you missed it yesterday - US & Iraqi forces are securing bridges & a hospital, best wishes for our coalition troops ... unfortunately we have suffered one casualty already ... UPDATE: We have lost more ... two US, ten Iraqis ... our prayers to their family, friends, and fellow troops ... UPDATE: Major Offensive starting? ... foothold secured, 38 captured ... more thoughts here ... and here
* Rumsfeld : We will not be killing (large numbers of) civilians
* Iraqis excited about upcoming elections
* Iran's Nuclear deal doomed?
* More Ivory Coast deaths ... our prayers to their family, friends
* Apply the Bush Doctrine to Sudan
* Brokers under SEC Microscope ... for not getting their customers the best price
* Swarms of Locusts
* Peterson Jury hung?

* MS -(several) lawsuits
* Read up on the AC130s, aka Puff the Magic Dragon
* Oscillating Storage
* Your heart wants stockings
* Class Warfare no workie
* More thoughts on Specter ... and can DeWine help stop specter?
* Some thoughts on the Slippery Surface Problem
* Having a baby is good for the mommy
* NSA getting involved in secure programming
* Nice PDA ... HP iPAQ rx3715
* P4+WiFi
* Clinton had plans to Nuke N. Korea ... Democrats - the party of peace :P
* UK train crash caused by suicide? ... ended up killing 7, prayers to the family & friends of those victims.
* Dutch Muslim school blasted ... repercussions from the murder of Van Gogh
* Europe might actually have a spark of activity? ... this is about Van Gogh as well, and did you know that the EU commissioners cannot be Christian (but can be Communist) ... interesting ...
* 500 protesters march in Seattle ... not too happy that WE elected Bush!
* Another Wacko Jacko abuse victim steps up ... skeptical ...
* Rove : on Bush reelection
* More on Japan's earthquakes
* UN : World not ready for Nuclear Attack
* Some thoughts on Jews for/against Bush
* Some thoughts on who voted for who ... counters the craptastic "stupid Americans for Bush" drivel
* Some thoughts on how much of a loser Moore is ... :) ...
* Some thoughts on Campaign Finance Reform ... and how it failed this time around ...
* FWIW - Kerry DID meet with Terrorists ... what media bias?
* Some thoughts on how the Democrats use minorities as props
* Some thoughts on Taxes .. including the EVIL AMT ... and more thoughts on Taxes here ... specifically - about Bush's impact on them ...
* SBC - 10k jobs by Q4-05 ... after having shed 7k already, ... an additional 'loss' of 6% of SBC's total workforce
* Mexico +1 WalMart ... pyramids and WalMarts, oh my!
* NASA studying autistic brain
* Kerry : Burn Out or Fade Away ... I feel a song coming on ...
* Misc thoughts on Democrats over-reaction to loss
* Kicking a 5 year old is bad ... but having sex with an 8 year old is worse ... just ask Wacko Jacko :)
* Sharp LCD Display/TV

* New OOTS ... don't touch that button!
* Bush vs English language
* Lexicographers vs Bush
* SBC to cut 99.99% of workforce ... offering 4 nines, wow
* Don't accidentally build a Nuclear Bomb
* Boras wants eleventy-billion dollar deal
* Kerry makes his "concession victory" speech
* McD introduces the McColi
* The Onion's Election wrap-up
* TRUE: Robbing an empty bank doesn't work so well ... from the Crooks are Stupid file
* SAD: This person has some real issues ... like the inability to see reality, the ability to spew forth lies and misrepresentations, and lots of anger ... oh, and the URL is NSFW

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(everyone should have an account ... come on, my 4 month old daughter already has one! And, you can use it as storage space! ... Catch up!)
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PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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