* Iraq: Another major offensive launched ... south of Baghdad
* Iraq: Cleric Assassinated ... Condolences to the friends & family of Sheik Ghalib Ali al-Zuhairi and Sheik Faidh Mohamed Amin al-Faidhi (the latter was gunned down a day prior)
* Afghanistan: 3 hostages freed! ... after a month of imprisonment
* AOL-Time-Warner to pay $750M ... AOL deal sucking more and more :)
* UK almost experienced their own 9/11 ... thwarted by security
* Rather Quitting ... he will step down as anchor and managing editor of the "CBS Evening News" on March 9 ... but will continue working full time as a correspondent for both edition
* PeopleSoft's Poison Pill
* Quattrone banned for life ... the continuing fallout from the .com implosion
* Nokia Smart-Phones targeted by Skulls ... welcome to the wonderful world of malware!
* Jet crashed ... just prior to picking up Bush Sr. ... condolences to the family & friends of those 3 who were on the plane
* Bacterial outbreak kills 6
* Color laser printouts are all 'watermarked' ... docs are trackable to the specific printer they came from
* Insane: Women cuts arms off of her 11 month old daughter ... WTF??
* UN abuses prisoners? ... accusations include pedophilia, rape and prostitution ... another feather of Kofi's hat of disgrace
* Sign this petition! ... if you appreciate what our troops are going through and what they need to do to be successful ... and more here ... and other ways to help our troops! ... must ship by 12/06 to reach troops by XMAS
* More on Iran, US, EU ... just a few disagreements
* Viacom caves to FCC ... more fallout from that wardrobe malfunction
* Dollar hits all-time low vs Euro
* Boycott Target ... is Target actually banning the Salvation Army? ... and Boycott France as well!

*InfoSec: More on BOFRA ... only workaround for Win* = WinXPsp2 (or PivX :) )
* Some thoughts on Computational Genomics ... and the wave of scientific advancements flowing from it?
* Test your space IQ
* Some thoughts on N. Korea's Nuclear status
* Some thoughts on Biometrics ... I agree with Gates too!
* The Eagle Party ... an early effort at a new political party
* Chocolate - the Anti Cough
* Fingerprinting art to detect forgeries
* Bush can do nothing right ... according to the media, again - what bias?
* Bruce Willis burned
* Dolphins save a group of New Zealanders from shark attack
* Obesity tied to dementia, brain atrophy
* Law being used to thwart govt subsidized / free broadband? ... damn laws (and Verizon) ruining all the good things in life
* DNC Chairman Dean ... say it ain't so!

* NBA to ban fans ... gotta prevent fights, ya know
* Self-Pity is a disease
* CIA fails to interpret/translate Anna Nicole's speech
* Don't let death stop you from meeting your deadline!
* Girls Gone Mild ... those crazy Amish
* Baby: Too cute to smother ... reminds me of that CSI episode :(
* Hilarious Human Expiration?
* Bush signs up for the worlds largest Credit Card ... father had to cosign :)
* Ohio changing name to "The Battleground State"
* True: Australian Idol fans directed to gay porn site
* Adding religion to various fields of study ... not that funny
* Some amazingly amusing Text Book disclaimers
* Google - to search 'scholarly articles'
* True?: Geek Tattoos

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