* Iraq: Massive weapons cache found in Fallujah ... in a mosque, ah yes - the religion of peace
* Iraq: Terrorist 'library' found in Fallujah ... "troops searching suspected terrorist hideouts in Fallujah discovered a laboratory with manuals on how to manufacture explosives and toxins"
* UN stonewalling Oil for Food investigation ... more examples of the UN not living up to its mission, causing some to say they are UNsuccessful, UNethical, UNneeded ... and others to ask is the UN worth saving?
* N. Korea test-firing missile capable of reaching US ... bad news for us, and the world
* Italian Senate down, due to gay worm ... not that there is anything wrong with that
* Thanksgiving Day wishes from George W. Bush

* Artificial Gravity? ... would solve one of the (many) major problems of space travel, sadly this is not quite what us Star Trek fans have come to expect :P
* A little something for the ACLU on Thanksgiving Day
* Using a laser to cure bad breath
* Tanker-gate coming to an end? ... bidding process opened
* Interesting new LCD system
* Ann Coulter's latest post
* More thoughts on NAACP-gate
* Which is the bigger threat - Global Warming or Kyoto Protocol
* Earth-Impacting meteorite caught on film?
* This is the best 'phone' ever ... well, only if you DO NOT need to call anyone but DO need a drink
* ... Symantec ThreatCon at 2
* Due to an increase in the number of Bloodhound.Exploit.18 events being reported, the Deep-Sight Threat Analyst Team is increasing the ThreatCon from Level 1 to Level 2. As of November 8, 2004, Symantec AntiVirus detects exploitation of the Microsoft Internet Explorer Malformed IFRAME Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (BID 11515) as Bloodhound.Exploit.18.
The increase indicates a notable rise in activity associated with this unpatched vulnerability. Additional information about the resulting system associated with the increase in Bloodhound.Exploit.18 events is available in the November 24, 2004 Daily Report.
As the Microsoft Internet Explorer Malformed IFRAME Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability is currently unpatched, The Deep-Sight Threat Analyst Team recommends that administrators filter outgoing traffic to the central registration system at
Additionally, blocking outbound access to the following destinations, which are related to the systems exploiting the IFrame vulnerability is highly recommended.
* search.comedycentral.com
* gamedev.he.net
* www.plasia.com

* New OOTS ... they are so round and smooth, and larger than mine
* maybe more later

PS - I (still) have more Gmail invites available!
(everyone should have an account ... come on, my 5 month old daughter already has one! And, you can use it as storage space! ... Catch up!)
PPS - If you haven't, you should try out StumbleUpon! ... its free, and is an interesting concept - "interest-based" browsing. My handle is trejrco.
PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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