* Iraq: Suicide bomber rams convoy ... 4 killed, many wounded. Condolences to the family & friends of those killed, and prayers to those wounded
* Ridge is resigning!
* Sun buys SevenSpace ... only really news to those who use both companies' products/services, um - like BearingPoint :)
* Saudi's up crude production 37% ... and they agree that oil belongs significantly lower (he says it should be closer to $35, I think it belongs closer to $30 (or lower!))
* Beijing building the world's largest airport ... I hear they have lots of people to move :)
* New Internet Speed Record set ... 101gbps from LA to Pittsburgh!
* MPAA wins $24M case against film 'distributor' ... and by distributor I mean he offered copies of movies online
* UK's military - gang rapes, urinations, etc. on recruits ... "warped NCOs"
* CT scan show cause of 9/11-cough
* Chai Vang charged ... with six counts of first-degree intentional homicide

* Some thoughts on the whole nuclear Iran issue , and how the Europeans are bungling it? ... and speaking of Iran - they say they will still enrich Uranium ... and Iran is boasting about "beating the US"
* More on the swarms of locusts
* Stress makes you old ... and commuting is 'more stressful than flying a jet fighter'
* Some thoughts on MS/IE ... "creating tomorrow's IE security holes today"
* Speaking of MS - they just won a deal with Isle of Man govt
* Speaking of MS - looks like they got another brain-dead patent ... for "System and method for providing instructional feedback to a user"
* ABC to bump NBC for #2 in ratings? ... propelled by 'Housewives
* A better Lie Detector ... brain scan shows a difference between when you think you are telling the truth vs. when you knowingly lie
* Hubble's replacement under construction ... in Alabama
* EU's thoughts on China ... "trade threat"
* Some thoughts on the Cell processor
* More examples of the global bias against the US ... we do more than everyone else, and still get slammed for not doing more
* Some thoughts on the origin of life
* Some thoughts in the Intel reform bill ... "it should stay dead" ... " It is a meaningless, and perhaps even counterproductive, bureaucratic reshuffling"
* Urban malaria?
* Apparently there are some documents that really hurt Jackson's accusers ... will the (accused) pedophile get away with it?
* Using your own stem cells to regain bladder control
* Intelsat Americas-7 satellite down
* Google TV?
* Korea has moved beyond email? ... "email is for old people"

* A guide to British slang ... Ace!
* Iran asks permission to make reeeallllyyy small Nukes
* Canada doesn't want to be known as the refuge for political whiners
* Govt has located the 'average teen'
* NHL outsourced to India
* Campaign slogans that didn't quite make it
* Hunter mocks deer with celebratory dance
* TRUE: Having a side business - Good. Running it from your government office - bad. Having other government employees do your side work while they are 'on the clock' - worse.

PS - I (still) have more Gmail invites available!
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PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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