* Iraq: Two marines killed ... our prayers & grievances to their family, friends and brothers-in-arms
* Yukos going down?
* UK govt loses 80k systems ... "routine software update" gone bad
* CIA -2 more top spies
* Some thoughts & observations on Spyware
* Anti-US trade sanctions?
* Oil for Food ... the corruption that keeps on giving

* CIA monitoring chat rooms?
* Anyone is capable of torture
* USB-powered air humidifier ... not so sure that's what USB was meant for, but still amusing
* Toxin from this tree is the 'perfect murder weapon' ... the new digoxin?
* Some thoughts/speculation on the 2008 Democratic candidates
* Climate wiped out the bison ... not our fault, this time
* Gel cures cervical cancer
* We call them 'security rounds'
* Suicide via the Empire State Building ... that first step is a doozy
* Islamofascist terror = over-hyped? ... long, thought-provoking read ... one money quote - "What justifies the breathtaking cost of America’s high-tech military procurement is that it buys a lease on the future, where we so own the battlefield that no one wants to face us in pitched battle on it" - AMEN to that!
* Some thoughts on fecundity and voting habits
* Ah, yes - the joys of socialized medicine
* Does IQ matter to you? ... it does to Kerry, and he comes up short ... just like he candidacy

* The Autorantic Virtual Moonbat

*... maybe more later!

PS - I (still) have more Gmail invites available!
(everyone should have an account ... come on, my 5 month old daughter already has one! And, you can use it as storage space! ... Catch up!)
PPS - If you haven't, you should try out StumbleUpon! ... its free, and is an interesting concept - "interest-based" browsing. My handle is trejrco.
PPPS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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