* More on Operation Phantom Fury ... but 35 US soldiers captured?? ... more we've taken the center of town ... meanwhile fatalities announced ... 14 lost in the last 2 days, our prayers and grievances to their family, friends, and brothers-in-arms
* More on Fallujah, and Ramadi
* Also: Sunni member of the IIG quits ... protesting our attempts to free the city of Fallujah ... and Madonna agrees ... and, seriously, isn't Madonna the person we look to for our political inspiration? ... "'I just don't want American troops to be in Iraq, period,' she said on BBC Radio" ... obviously she is a well-informed and conscientious member of our country / the world.
* Ashcroft, Evans resign from Cabinet ... our thanks to them for their service to our country ... and more thoughts on Ashcroft
* Hostages being held in LA?
* CBS fighting $550k (Super Bowl) fine ... damn wardrobe malfunctions
* Arafat - Hours to live? ... and some sources say he is DEAD!, but more recent sources say Arafat not dead ... maybe he has a brain hemorrhage? ... "hours to live" ... or maybe he is dead ... truth to follow ... at some point :)
* Free Traders to be an unheralded success?
* Oil below $48/barrel
* Beware the Bofra worm ... can be used to run unauthorized code on machines using the Windows operating system ... actually, 2 BOFRA and 3 MyDOOM variants around now ... PIVX:"0day unpatched Internet Explorer vulnerability ... spreads through both web pages and HTML emails ... Users of Windows XP Service Pack 2 are not affected"
* Federal (douche) Judge said OBL's driver cannot be tried as a POW ... that will surely be overturned
* Nassau fined $12.8M for slippery roads ... appeal being filed
* Weak dollar bad for Canada ... good for US?

* Send SPAM, get arrested, get bail set @ $1M
* Some thoughts on Social (in)Security... and why getting out of the System is a good thing
* MPEG4 Video Camera ... and 2MP digi-cam, and plays MP3s
* BlueTooth to triple speed!
* Some thoughts on creating a War Cabinet ... replace Powell with Miller?
* Interview with authors of Ettercap-NG ... -NG is a re-write of one of the best InfoSec (for good or bad) tools :)
* IBM (re)takes the Super-Computing crown
* Some thoughts on the Second-Term Economy ... growth, policy, size, tax
* Surveillance via Near-Space Balloon
* Some thoughts on Immigration Backlash
* More thoughts on Global / Arctic warming ... and what fossil fuels are (potentially) doing to the ecosystem ... more here: Oceans to Rise One Meter by 2100-Arctic Expert
* Thoughts (and action?) on oil drilling in Alaska
* Some thoughts on the decline of the dollar
* More thoughts on being sore losers
* Mothers genetic skew ... homosexuality, genetic skew, etc.
* Some thoughts on miscellaneous stolen objects ... could be a terrorist plot, or kids having fun ... you decide
* Some interesting post-election maps ... variations of the red vs blue standard map
* Republicans took Georgia State House of Reps ... only took 134 years!
* The music of the rings
* Nuclear Fusion facility location being debated ... negotiations have been stalled since December 2003
* Democratic Cargo Cult ... hahahha
* No Golden Globe for Moore ... still a big loser!
* UN trying to decide if Sudan has experienced genocide ... is there really any doubt?? ... UPDATE: Sudan signs deal with Darfur Rebels
* Some thoughts on Bush's appreciation of freedom ... and how it shapes his foreign policy
* Peterson -1 Juror
* Why let Gore manage your money when he can't manage his own?

* Dean to replace McAuliffe? ... oh dear God, no
* Some people have no grasp of reality , and like sharing their incorrect views ... "this election may have been stolen by trickery and fraud"
* Kerry to try again in 2008? ... did he not get the message the first time?

* Paris Hilton embraces religion
* Bush family unable to agree on Pizza order
* Kerry has some harsh words for Ohio
* Steelers gear up for undefeated Fallujah

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