* Scott Peterson found GUILTY ... 1st degree murder for Laci, 2nd degree for Connor ... penalty still withstanding (options = Death or Life w/o parole?)
* NATO on fighting Terror ... "Europe was lagging behind the United States in merging external and internal security to combat terrorism"
* OBL sought, and has secured, religious approval to use Nukes against US ... related to this story I linked-to earlier: CIA critic quits CIA to speak more freely
* Fallujah : Pushing Deeper ... and battling small cells of insurgents ... and insurgents using black flags to communicate/coordinate ... meanwhile, in Baghdad : Sunni Cleric (and ~2 dozen others) arrested ... stockpiling weapons
* Oil up amid fears of Nigerian Oil Worker strike
* Delta pilots accept $1B in pay cuts ... trying to save the airline
* Arafat : Funeral prompts Israel to (effectively)declare state of war/emergency ... and cause of death still uncertain ... and some thoughts on Arafat's legacy ... 'godfather of terrorism'
* Indonesia +1 Earthquake ... 6.0, killed 6 ... grievances to their family & friends.
* Iran Nuke talks grind to a halt
* 6 year old boy tasered ... supposedly to stop him from hurting himself
* DNC lost $350k ... embezzlement?
* Peru permits gays in military to have sex ... even in the barracks
* Senators and insider trading ... that would be, what's the word ... oh yeah, ILLEGAL
* Rebuilding Iraq's army ... are they going through their Valley Forge?
... DOW @ 10.5k+, Nasdqa @2k+ ... SWEET

* Rural Outsourcing ... attempting to make outsourcing to rural America as cost effective as sending jobs to India
* WHO backs Smallpox experiments ... 1000 bad SciFi movies spring to life :)
* Armed UAVs coming soon ... designed specifically for combat, not just a unarmed UAV retrofitted with a Hellfire :) ... SWEET!, unleash swarms of killer drones (sounds like a SciFi movie !)
* Most Charitable states ... and comments on the HOAX of "Vote by IQ"
* Leonid meteor shower
* Maher hit with Palimony suit ... he was just jealous of O'Reilly's harassment suit
* Some observations on Africa's animal-extinction problems
* Linux on a USB drive
* More on UK's designer babies ... slippery slope!
* Intel names new CEO ... and so does Martha Stewart Living
* Stress can cause miscarriages
* Some thoughts on MS's Google-killer ... or maybe not quite killer ... speaking of Google : Google + Firefox in bed together
* Man kicked off of singles' site for having too much of the sex ... something about lack of commitment
* Shot prevents Cervical Cancer
* Was Moore paid illegally for many of his appearances?
* Siemens makes a USB VoIP/Skype adapter for your PC
* Paige also leaving his cabinet post
* GOPblogger's view of Bush's plan for our future
* More on Specter
* Another election wrap-up ... although I disagree - Kerry WAS a poor candidate
* Lefties : This post supports all of our military being decapitated or shot
* Lefties: Another rant ... republicans are "an army of brain-dead cretins, their minds turned to mush by years of right-wing propaganda" ... subtle, well-thought-out and well presented. Not.
* Lefties: Quote from James Carville : "If we can’t win this damn election, with a Democratic Party more unified than ever before, with us having raised as much money as the Republicans, with 55% of the country believing we’re heading in the wrong direction, with our candidate having won all three debates, and with our side being more passionate about the outcome than theirs — if we can’t win this one, then we can’t win s**t! And we need to completely rethink the Democratic Party"

* New OOTS! ... just like Vin Diesel!
* Dilbert : The illusion of freewill
* Peterson jurors no longer remember trial
* EU to sell arms to Libya
* Broken telephones, Blair forced to fly to DC
* Roommate still required to repay debts
* The iPod as a penis removal tool ... wait, that's not funny
* Hillary decides she is a born-again Christian ... don't laugh too much, she will do anything to get elected Mrs. President in 2008 ... just watch!
* NBC to make new sitcom
* VA to accept Paint Ball Veterans into ranks
* Half True, Half Funny : new AG Gonzales : Laws belong in Museums, where they will be safe

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