* US still bombing Fallujah ... and 20 wounded ... 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, no US casualties ... and more thoughts here ... and Insurgents Kill 20 ... prayer and grievances to their family & friends
* Was Arafat poisoned? ... or is this just the tin-foil-hat brigade?
* Netherlands bracing for Jihad? ... repercussions from the murder of Van Gogh
* France vs Ivory Coast ... and more here
* Iran seems nuclear compromise ... sadly France & Germany are involved. And shocker, China sides with the bad guys. (And since China can veto ...)
* Wacko Jacko, everyone's favorite pedophile, will stand trial Jan 31st
* Taliban diplomat arrested ... the Taliban has diplomats? Who knew?
* More Democratic vandalism ... just a little butter over losing
* Bush wins Iowa; result has no effect
* Merck to feel pain from Vioxx ... probably because they Vioxx pulled years late
* Confessed serial killer could go free ... another example of the things wrong with our judicial system

* "Robot + Shotgun"= (pick one answer) a)good movie b)good video game c)good soldier d) all of the above, yes - including the soldier one
* Air Force GPS Satellite launched
* Some thoughts on the internet as a fundraiser ... and a sad comment on how human behavior enables 'accidental' giving
* Mexico wants US to stop trying to fight illegal immigration ... Arizona disagrees (Prop200) ... my response to Mexico:"why not just open or borders, open our shipping ports, and shut down Customs as well?"
* Global Warming - Borneo's fault? ... burning peat bad for world
* Nokia + Ford + Nissan
* 25 reasons to enjoy the weekend ... a counter to Moore

* Fun Latin ... Ne auderis delere orbem rigidum meum!
* Today's Dilbert Call it a tie
*AD: Uplifting the poo?
* Bush : Call me Genghis or Attila ... instead of Hitler
* An interview with Moore
* Barbie killed in SUV rollover
* Be a man for Halloween
* New Super-Potency Pill : Inflexa
* Ghosts at Yankee Stadium

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PS- My thoughts on Bush, part 2

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