News: ... ready to Vote tomorrow?? ... Do You know your polling location? ...Kerry!
*... damn Redskins.
* Fallujah assault near ... 8 US Marines killed Saturday. Prayer and grievances to their family and loved ones.
* 4 hostages seized in Baghdad ... including one American
* 3 killed in Tel Aviv suicide bomb
* Osama threatens Red States ... states that fall (ahem, I mean vote) for Kerry "will be spared"
* Employment Growth accelerated in October ... right policies, right time :) (... and even though factory expansion slowed, it was still expansion!)
* Gmail fixes a bug ... bug details are here
* Iraq:Fresh US troops arrive ... election security. Total US military presence:142k
* China shuts 1600 cybercafes
* China in bed with Iran
* Shuttles to fly in May
* Having trouble tying Hussein to terrorists? ... check this out
* Some thoughts on Osamagrams (I like that term, by the way!)
* Athletes for Bush ... Bench, John Elway, Curt Schilling, Bast Starr, and maybe(?) Brett Favre (who just beat the 'Skins, dammit)
* Oil below $50 ... closer to where it belongs (say $35?)
* Californians also vote on Prop-71 - Stem Cell issue ... if pols are correct, they are about to make the wrong decision

Kerry: ... last chance to keep him out of office!
* Cheney : Kerry's first response to the OBL tape was to hold a poll to see how to respond
* Some thoughts on Kerry's 'focus'
* Some thoughts on Kerry's 'focus'
* Dick Morris (Democrat) : "Kerry is not ready for prime time" ... (original article"Why Bush will win")
* China supports Kerry? ... sounds like a good reason to vote Bush :) Perhaps China should worry about their own problems ... atleast we don't have 150 people dying in ethnic fights now! ... Also, China declares martial law in one town
* Teacher kicks student for wearing GOP shirt ... this is the typical Kerry supporter?
* Cronkite believes Rove is responsible for the OBL tape? ... I guess Rather-gate wasn't enough :P
* Speaking of OBL ... Kerry kinda pissing off the Special Forces troops who were hunting him ... Kerry is still saying the hunt was outsourced ...
* Some thoughts on Kerry's history
* Some thoughts on How Kerry's religion "affects everything he does" ... except when it comes to abortion.
* Some thoughts on Kerry & Global Warming ... and how the Kyoto Protocol is basically crafted just to harm the US ... "A central feature of the 2000 platform has now been quietly dropped" ... and Kerry/Edwards flip-flop on the whole issue.
* A Libertarian compares/contrasts/criticizes Bush & Kerry ... in the end, supports Bush.
* Some (more) thoughts on Kerry's Global Test
* Another example of the media helping out Kerry .... this time, by deleting Kerry admitting his military records are not all public ... AND Kerry's Discharge was not honorable?? (although I don’t really agree with publishing this one day before the election … that is a bit underhanded, IMHO)

* This girl feels no pain
* The impact our eye has had on Darwin's Theory of Evolution
* Stem Cells tainted?
* Chief Justice Rehnquist not back on the bench yet
* The Dead Vote
* Cool Way to get/share GMail invites ... or you could ask me, I still have some invites available!
* Designer babies approved in UK ... well, anti-cancer screening. This is a VERY slippery slope!
* Lost star : FOUND ... "Tycho's supernova"
* Artificial Hearts getting better
* Are you the security fall guy?
* VoodooPC : "We have made the world's fastest PC" ... only costs $3k-5k
* Oracle still shooting for PS
* Real-Time audiotape tamper detection ... and here I thought all NIST did was publish 800 series documents ;)
* WAP = bomb scare
* Online F911 viewing ... not free. PS - Screw Michale Moore, vote Bush in 04.
* DoubeClick FINALLY going down
* Snowbird/Democrats trying to steal the election?
* Wow - this man still has serious cynicism issues ... prove him mostly wrong, Vote Bush! Don't get me wrong, our system does have serious problems ... but making them worse (by electing Kerry :P) is not the correct answer!
* Our GIs need armor ... more here ... and a counterpoint here

* New OOTS!
* Bush Wins Preemptive Election in Florida
* Nader pissed that he was left out of latest Osamagram
* Halloween on Sunday encourages cult membership
* Kerry & Cheney to wed after election
* Today's UserFriendly
* Today's Dilbert ... and yesterday's Dilbert (even better than today's)
* OBL offers to forgive & forget

(oSiRuS) I'm 19 years old and I have absolutely NO experience with women. Never had a kiss, never had a hug, never had so much as a handshake, and I have no idea why.
(oSiRuS) I'm not a nerd. I don't have acne or glasses, I'm not fat. There's really nothing wrong with me, I just can't understand why I'm such a worthless candidate for dating.
(@KillJoy) try walking out of the front door
... thanks BASH!!

Happy November! And VOTE tomorrow!
(Everyone please pray for Dani … she goes in for an operation tomorrow)


millersam said...

I wanted to post a politcal comment here.
But, that plan changed:

My sincere best wishes for Dani.

I hope all will go well.

Best wishes from sombody you don't know.

TJ said...

Thank you for sending them along – from someone you don’t know, for someone else that you don’t know :).
Have a great day!