News ... In case you missed it, Bush Won!
* Prayers and Best Wishes for Mike B, who is in the hospital - his Appendix decided to go ahead and burst, and has (as of today) been removed. Expects to be in the hospital for a week.
* Dow UP again today ... tops 10300! And, Oil is back below $50 ... UPDATE: Oil down more!
* But Dollar falls!
* UN - "Sudan having problems"
* Bush = Social Security reform NOW ... and vows to finish the job in Iraq ... and to change tax code
* Fallujah being hammered some more ... build-up to attack? ... UPDATE: Fallujah assault ... nearer still
* Arafat in a Coma! ... UPDATE: He is brain-dead and only he knows(knew) where his $$ is!
* Al-Qaqaa-gate continues ... soldiers claim they watched looters looting ... The Truth is Still Out There, and we are all waiting for it!
* 3 UK soldiers dead ... prayers and condolences to their family & friends
* Karzai victory accepted by opposition
* Edward's wife diagnosed with Breast Cancer
* Liquefied Heroin in Juice Boxes in FLA!
* F16 fires at school in NJ! ... no injuries
* 5 Enronians convicted
* Hungary Flip-Flops : Not leaving coalition (yet) ... but they will still leave by March. Note that we are only talking 300 troops here, but the symbolic value is still there.
* Counter-Strike Killers in Australia ... let the finger-pointing begin!
* Jobless claims drop
* Americans are hopeful ... and some thoughts on foreign governments' opinions of our government ... and meanwhile, some dumb (they started it) foreigners: Quoth the Daily Mirror:"How can 59,017,382 people be so DUMB?" ... Answer:We are reading your headline, for starters. Or for ever caring about your biased opinion in the first place. "Europe must come to terms not only with Mr Bush but with the nation that has elected him" ... again - What media bias?

* Use Gmail as storage, in Windows! Sweet! I saw something similar awhile back for Linux, finally a Win version! ... PS - I have GMail invites available. :)
* Bit-Torrent = 35% of all internet traffic!
* CDs make of corn?
* Living computer ... aka - the brain in the dish
* Kuiper Belt Objects
* Things that are not in the U.S. Constitution ... common misconceptions!
* Coburn vs Gingrich, on eMedical Records
* Titan ... the mystery of a moon with an atmosphere
* Turbine Farms affect local weather
* Specter speaks out on judicial appointments
* Diluted Flu Vaccines will still work? ... useful for NON-HIGH-RISK patients only (caretakers take note!)
* VoIP with Linux!
* Fruits good for heart, no impact on cancer?
* Some thoughts on California's ESCR
* Some (biased) thoughts on the Democrats' Excuses
* The Second Amendment also won on Election Day
* Ideas for Bush ... I agree with most of this list; I am compiling my own list as well, to be here shortly!
* No surprise, a Clinton is aiming for the White House
* Ann Coulter (finally) chimes in ... she is always amusing!
* Lefty blames McAuliffe = "The strategy of the Democratic Party as formulated by DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe amounted to belief in the simple potency of corporate cash, plus hysterical demonization of Bush" ... still not admitting that Bush was a good President / Presidential Candidate who ran a good race (except for the debates, those were kinda bad)
* Looking to adopt a GSD (German Shepherd Dog) ... go here. This is a GREAT group, rescues GSDs from (kill)Shelters in the VA-DC-MD area.
* Some thoughts on what Bush should do now? (again - my thoughts pending)
* Cali ... in a Pro-Stem Cell World
* Some thoughts on what China is doing better than Canada
* Hubble spots triple-eclipse for Jupiter
* Naked airport action
* New Senate Minority leader ('Cuz Daschle is OUT!)
* Nuclear power the way to ween US of of foreign Oil? Yeah baby!
* Nuclear power the way to ween US of of foreign Oil? Different link, Yeah baby!
* ... speaking of Nuclear power the topic of Nuclear Waste frequently (always?) comes up ... check out GeoMelting ... interesting, especially if it works!
* Herbicide-resistant Coca
* What South Africa is doing wrong, economically
* Gay, Hispanic, Democrat, Female - the new sheriff in Dallas
* MP3 Sunglasses
* BE has a PAC?

* New OOTS! ... "His phylactery ... His What? ... His phylactery ... His What? ..."
Elf Only Inn ... more D&D humor! ... start at the beginning!
*TRUE: Attempting to Convert lions - not so bright
* Canadian Immigration Up!
* Mount St. Helens Throws Hissy-Fit, Demands Media Attention
* John Kerry Begins 'Al Gore' Downward Slide Towards Insanity
* Internet Satirists, Humorists Ecstatic over Bush Win
* Fight the Flu ... with Air Strikes!
* Museum of the Middle Class Opens ... also from The Onion = "Bush Does Victory Lap Around World Trade Center Site" ... "Kerry Takes Frustration Out On Lobster"
* Al Gore Concedes
* Bush responds to those who voted against him
* President Bush vs Governor Bush ... amusing, from The Daily Show ... Bush still > Kerry :)
*NSFW?: If only peace were this easy! ... and check out the Post-Election Survival Guide

And via email:
AP and UPI reported that the French Government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from "run" to "hide." The only two higher levels in France are "surrender" and "collaborate." The raise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed one of France's white flag factories, disabling their military.
... thanks Aaron!

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